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Re: [perl #108470] Term::ReadLine should use AE instead of Tk forevent looping

Paul LeoNerd Evans
January 19, 2012 08:42
Re: [perl #108470] Term::ReadLine should use AE instead of Tk forevent looping
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On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 01:01:39PM +0100, demerphq wrote:
> > Interoperability requires cooperation from the author, and he's been known to break it for modules he doesn't like.  Ask Paul Evans and/or Matt Trout about this:
> >
> >
> >
> Wow.
> IMO the author of IO::Async::Loop::AnyEvent should just redefine
> AnyEvent::detect() to bypass this monstrosity.
> But if they do are we going to see an arms race over what modules you
> allowed to use with other modules?!

I'm not going to get into a silly childish arms-race over this issue.

MLEHMANN is upset because I found a way to layer IO::Async atop AnyEvent
instead of vice versa, but doing so required a small peek inside the
internals to obtain one feature the AE API doesn't provide (namely, a
"run this piece of code after the next event timeslice"). Were that
added, there could be no possible objection to
IO::Async::Loop::AnyEvent, as it becomes simply another AE-API using

He choses not to do that, thus forcing me to peek inside, and so he gets

> I consider the piece of code you pointed out to most unperlish, and an
> affront to the community and the spirit of CPAN.

Which again is why I'm not going to get into an arms race as it will
only end badly.

> IMO AnyEvent should be removed from CPAN until this code is removed,
> it seems inappropriate for CPAN to host code that forbids you from
> using something else on CPAN.

That seems a -little- OTT as a response, surely? Perhaps a far better
solution would simply be to bring this change to more people's
attention, and point out that other alternatives exist (namely
IO::Async, POE and Reflex come to mind); and that people should be free
to decide which one(s) they want to use.

See also

TMTOWTDI, after all...

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