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Re: Perl 5.15.4 and AIX 6 re P5P stdbool and Fw: Smoke [5.15.3]v5.15.3-43-g6692294 FAIL(M) AIX (PPC/1 cpu)

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H.Merijn Brand
October 31, 2011 15:45
Re: Perl 5.15.4 and AIX 6 re P5P stdbool and Fw: Smoke [5.15.3]v5.15.3-43-g6692294 FAIL(M) AIX (PPC/1 cpu)
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On Mon, 31 Oct 2011 18:00:54 -0400, "Ricker, William"
<William.Ricker@FMR.COM> wrote:

> I found the current AIX P5P threads searching for the error message I received - 
> "Expected a Configure variable header or another paragraph of description at configpm line 1010, <GLOS> chunk 1035."
> You may forward this email to P5P and/or to the others as useful.

Why didn't you post to the p5p mailing list yourself? your input may
very well be valued a lot.

My personal interest in AIX is diminishing (fast). I don't like AIX at
all, but as I still have to support AIX for some customers, I just
happen to be one of the few active perl developers that is able to test
perl on AIX. I however only do so when I have really nothing else to do

> I get this error also, as you will infer from the error string above. 
> My configuration is 
>   AIX 6.1 TL06 SP5  (6100-06-05-1115)
>   in a 7 cpu LPAR on a p7 770 (9117-MMB; micro-pooled,
>           but VIOS/AME/AMS *not* enabled yet)
>   XL C for AIX (v11, latest patchset)

I'm on AIX with xlc and gcc 4.2.4
AIX  IBM,9115-505 PowerPC_POWER5/1898(2)  3920 Mb

> From latest on the P5P thread, I gather fixing the AIX blead build is work in progress. 

Correct. Nicholas and Rainer are the two that currently work on it.
Nicholas because he introduced the patch that caused this grief, and
Rainer because he actually seems to care about AIX.

> Based on comments on P5P, I editeded to i_stdbool="undefine"; so I edited and ran Configure -der -Dusedevel . That built ok, but 'make test' reports two errors.

that should be ="undef", not ="undefine"

> Failed 2 tests out of 2108, 99.91% okay.
>         ../lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t
>         op/stat.t
> I may try the test I wanted to do with 5.15.4 with this hack, it may be sufficient to answer *my* question.
> (I was attempting to build Perl 5.15.4 based on advice from Schwern, to see if -Duserelocatableinc was fixed on AIX in bleadperl since it wasn't in 5.14.2. If so, I'd try back-porting that one patch to the 5.14.2 I'm building for internal use on AIX (with DBD::DB2), where due to packaging/deployment standards beyond my control, relocatable @INC would be so much cleaner.)
> FYI, with Perl 5.14.2 sources and XLC/aix v11, I found 'xlc' worked but 'cc' did not work with ParseXS-generated C99 code. I will post that plus my OS, c, options tested ok list via perlbug as README.aix errata.

Good!. I also use xlc and not cc

> Anything I can do to help Perl AIX support, let me know. (Not sure if I can punch a big enough hole in our firewall to set up an automatic smoker.)

I still smoke AIX 5.3, but if our AIX customers switch to other OS's,
we'd be rather happy to power of that box. *ALL* smoker info is
welcome. Really!

> Cheers,
> Bill

H.Merijn Brand      Perl Monger
using 5.00307 through 5.14 and porting perl5.15.x on HP-UX 10.20, 11.00,
11.11, 11.23 and 11.31, OpenSuSE 10.1, 11.0 .. 11.4 and AIX 5.2 and 5.3. 

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