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NWCLARK TPF grant report #5

Nicholas Clark
October 9, 2011 12:51
NWCLARK TPF grant report #5
Message ID:
[Hours]		[Activity]
2011/10/03	Monday
 0.50		EBCDIC
 7.25		Porting/

2011/10/04	Tuesday
 2.50		Porting/
 3.25		relocatable @INC

2011/10/05	Wednesday
 1.25		Porting/
 8.25		Porting/ (FreeBSD)

2011/10/06	Thursday
 0.75		*printf format for HEKs
 0.50		++$i, LVALUEs, and the general case
 1.00		relocatable @INC

2011/10/07	Friday
 7.75		Porting/

2011/10/08	Saturday
 2.00		Porting/

2011/10/09	Sunday
 2.00		Porting/
 0.25		sparc64

Which I calculate is 37.25 hours

Spent a fair chunk of the week making Porting/ as "just works"
as possible. The synopsis remains

    # When did this become an error?
    .../Porting/ -e 'my $a := 2;'
    # When did this stop being an error?
    .../Porting/ --expect-fail -e '1 // 2'
    # When did this stop matching?
    .../Porting/ --match '\b(?:PL_)hash_seed_set\b'
    # When did this start matching?
    .../Porting/ --expect-fail --match '\buseithreads\b'
    # When did this test program stop working?
    .../Porting/ -- ./perl -Ilib
    # When did this first become valid syntax?
    .../Porting/ --target=miniperl --end=v5.10.0 \
         --expect-fail -e 'my $a := 2;'
    # What was the last revision to build with these options?
    .../Porting/ --test-build -Dd_dosuid

but it can now build perl and XS extensions on all the Linux and FreeBSD
systems that I tested for all stable releases.

(ie v5.14.0, v5.12.0, v5.10.0, perl-5.8.0, perl-5.6.0, perl-5.005, perl-5.004,
perl-5.003, perl-5.002 and (more usefully) most of the thousands of
intermediate blead commits, as well as all XS extensions on perl-5.001n on
some systems, and miniperl for perl-5.001 and perl-5.000 on most.)

I hope people will use this to investigate bug reports that interest them,
to find the commit that broke something (or the commit that fixed it).

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