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TPF bug-grant report #69, #70

Dave Mitchell
July 12, 2011 09:01
TPF bug-grant report #69, #70
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(This report covers two weeks)

I spent the first week failing to implement an optimisation that would
eliminate the need to have backref magic when a GV and CV refer to each
other (this is originally what the GvCV_set and GvGP_set macros were
introduced for). It turns out it was a lot harder than I had expected,
and I abandoned the attempt :-(

Apart from that I tidied up a few security/taint related tickets.

I spent this week looking at a few issues that showed up when using clang.
These don't show up against TPF hours since there aren't tickets associated
with them. Mainly I'm looking at getting Perl_rpeep not to deeply recurse
where possible. I nearly have this working, but it's not quite ready yet.

Report for period 2011/06/27 to 2011/07/10 inclusive


    Effort (HH::MM):

        0:00 diagnosing bugs
       10:55 fixing bugs
        0:00 reviewing other people's bug fixes
        0:00 reviewing ticket histories
        0:45 review the ticket queue (triage)
       11:40 TOTAL

    Numbers of tickets closed:

           1 tickets closed that have been worked on
           1 tickets closed related to bugs that have been fixed
           4 tickets closed that were reviewed but not worked on (triage)
           6 TOTAL


[perl #58530] Bus error with constant + overload + stash manipulation + bless ]

    2011/06/27  3:50 fix
			failed attempt to avoid magic backrefs
			for simple GV <-> CV case

    2011/06/30  1:25 fix

    2011/07/01  1:40 fix

    2011/07/04  2:20 fix

[perl #64804] tainting breakage with index() of a constant

    2011/06/28	1:40 fix

    2011/06/28	   - close

[perl #82616] security Issues with user-defined \p{} properties

    2011/06/28     - close-also 72360


    2011/06/28  0:45 triage

    2011/06/28     - close-triage 76332 72360 22974 17867

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