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[perl #94234] [PATCH] New DTrace probe for changes to global phase

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Father Chrysostomos via RT
July 10, 2011 13:05
[perl #94234] [PATCH] New DTrace probe for changes to global phase
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On Wed Jul 06 20:58:57 2011, sartak wrote:
> Hi porters,
> I've recently developed somewhat of a DTrace kick, and I figured what
> way to shake that out of my system than by improving Perl's DTrace
> As of 5.10.1, we have probes for subroutine entry and exit, which
*does* get
> us a long way, but we could do even better. There are some patches
> around (like at
> to
> improve Perl's DTrace support in other ways. For this first new probe
> (an easy and useful one: global phase changes) I decided to piggy-back on
> top of Florian++'s new ${^GLOBAL_PHASE} variable, since that provides more
> visibility than the aforelinked patch, and is easily understood in
terms of
> tangible Perl features.
> My first patch does a tiny bit of refactoring to change all those literal:
> PL_phase = PERL_PHASE_END;
> assignments to use a new macro instead:
> The second patch, the one with the actual meat in it, adds to that new
> PERL_SET_PHASE macro a DTrace probe. This new probe gives DTrace users
> additional visibility into _when_ certain things happen. For example, this
> DTrace invocation:
> sudo dtrace -qZn ':perl::phase-change /copyinstr(arg0) == "END"/ {
> self->cleaning_up = 1 } :perl::sub-entry /self->cleaning_up &&
> copyinstr(arg0) != "END"/ { printf("%s::%s at %s line %d\n",
> copyinstr(arg3), copyinstr(arg0), copyinstr(arg1), arg2) }'
> will list all of the function calls made during interpreter cleanup
> (excluding the sneaky sorta-function "END"). You might use this to help
> diagnose why the interpreter doesn't exit immediately after the main
> processing is done. You can play with it by running this one-liner in
> another shell:
> perl -MFile::Temp -MTest::Builder -e 'sub foo {} sub bar {} END { foo
} bar'
> which for me gives:
> main::foo at -e line 1
> Test::Builder::_ending at
> /Users/sartak/.perl/perls/dtrace/lib/5.15.0/Test/ line 2389
> Test::Builder::__ANON__ at
> /Users/sartak/.perl/perls/dtrace/lib/5.15.0/Test/ line 1592
> File::Temp::cleanup at
> /Users/sartak/.perl/perls/dtrace/lib/5.15.0/File/ line 877
> Test::Builder::DESTROY at
> /Users/sartak/.perl/perls/dtrace/lib/5.15.0/Test/ line 376
> Test::Builder::parent at
> /Users/sartak/.perl/perls/dtrace/lib/5.15.0/Test/ line 361
> Other use cases might be to investigate how many system calls are
being made
> at compile time, for performance tuning something like Moose (which is my
> actual interest here). This DTrace invocation:
> dtrace -qZn ':perl::phase-change /copyinstr(arg0) == "START"/ {
> self->interesting = 1 } :perl::phase-change /copyinstr(arg0) == "RUN"/ {
> self->interesting = 0 } syscall::: /self->interesting/ { @[probefunc] =
> count() } END { trunc(@, 3) }'
> produces the top three most-used syscalls for the above Perl one-liner:
>   read                                                            152
>   ioctl                                                           156
>   stat64                                                          470
> Please let me know if there are any reservations about these patches. Keep
> in mind that unless you specifically use -Dusedtrace, DTrace support
> NO performance penalty. DTrace does quite a bit of gymnastics to
ensure that
> there is no performance penalty during runtime, but as I understand it,
> Perl's DTrace support is not quite at that ideal yet. I'll have to
> investigate that one, since from what I can see in the perl source there
> should be no latent penalty.
> Cheers,
> Shawn
> P.S. Is there a leading DTrace expert already on p5p, or did I just
> volunteer myself for the position? :P

I think you did. :-)

We now have a nuncupative policy that new feature have to be accompanied
by documentation. I don’t know whether that applies to your patch, but
in any case the examples you gave above would be great in the documentation.

Where is this DTrace stuff documented, anyway?

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