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Perl 5.13.10 is now available

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February 20, 2011 11:26
Perl 5.13.10 is now available
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    Skalat maðr rúnar rísta,
    nema ráða vel kunni.
    Þat verðr mörgum manni,
    es of myrkvan staf villisk.
    Sák á telgðu talkni
    tíu launstafi ristna.
    Þat hefr lauka lindi
    langs ofrtrega fengit.

        -- Egill Skalla-Grímsson
           Egils saga Skalla-Grímssonar

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of Perl 5.13.10.

This is the eleventh DEVELOPMENT release in the 5.13.x series. The
deadline for user-visible changes in Perl 5.14.0, which will be
released this spring, has now passed.

5.13.11, due one month from today, will be the last development
release before 5.14.0.

You can find a list of high-profile changes in this release in the file
"perldelta.pod" inside the distribution.

You can (or will shortly be able to) download this release from:

The release's SHA1 signatures are:

    3082042f29042d4df60f342065d790bce63ec4e3  perl-5.13.10.tar.bz2
    6c9033ff343ca362f563d721af3e85fc702c8a43  perl-5.13.10.tar.gz

This release is tagged as "v5.13.10" in Perl's git repository.  As
always, we welcome your feedback on this release.

If this version of Perl works well for you, please use the
"perlthanks" tool included in this distribution to tell the
all-volunteer development team how much you appreciate their work.

If you discover issues with Perl 5.13.9, please use the "perlbug" tool
included in this distribution to report them.

If you write software in Perl, it is particularly important that you
test your software against development releases. While we strive to
maintain source compatibility with prior stable versions of Perl
wherever possible, it is always possible that a well-intentioned
change can have unexpected consequences. If you spot a change in a
development version which breaks your code, it's much more likely that
we will be able to fix it before the next stable release. If you only
test your code against stable releases of Perl, it may not be possible
to undo a backwards-incompatible change which breaks your code.

Perl 5.13.10 represents approximately one month of development since
Perl 5.13.9 and contains approximately 63000 lines of changes across
609 files from 38 authors and committers:

Abigail, Alexander Hartmaier, brian d foy, Charles Bailey, Chip
Salzenberg, Chris 'BinGOs' Williams, Craig A. Berry, Curtis Jewell,
Dave Rolsky, David Golden, David Leadbeater, David Mitchell, David
Wheeler, Father Chrysostomos, Florian Ragwitz, Franz Fasching, George
Greer, H.Merijn Brand, Hongwen Qiu, Hugo van der Sanden, Jay Hannah,
Jesse Vincent, Karl Williamson, Larwan Berke, Leon Timmermans, Michael
Breen, Michael Stevens, Nicholas Clark, Noirin Shirley, Paul Evans,
Peter John Acklam, Ricardo Signes, Robin Barker, Steven Schubiger, Tom
Christiansen, Tony Cook, Zsbán Ambrus and Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason.

Notable changes in this release:

 * The new /a, /d, /l and /u regular expression modifiers are now
   available in suffix form. They were only available in infix form
   (e.g., (?a:...)) until this release.

 * New regular expression modifier option /aa.

   Doubling the /a regular expression modifier increases its
   effect, so that in case-insensitive matching, no ASCII character
   will match a non-ASCII character.  For example, normally,

        'k' =~ /\N{KELVIN SIGN}/

    will match; it won't under /aa.

 * New warnings categories for problematic (non-)Unicode code points.

 * The GvGP() macro can no longer be used as an lvalue. This is known
   to break some CPAN modules (including Mouse), but the fix is
trivial: use GvCV_set()

Development versions of Perl are released monthly on or about the 20th
of the month by a monthly "release manager". You can expect the
following upcoming releases:

   March 20        -   Florian Ragwitz
   April 20        -   Jesse Vincent
   May 20          -   Ricardo Signes
   June 20         -   David Golden


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