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The status of the perldelta for 5.13.10

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Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
January 27, 2011 12:30
The status of the perldelta for 5.13.10
Message ID:
Hi there. I'll be releasing perl 5.13.10 on February 20th. We need a
perldelta for that release which is currently very incomplete.

To that end I've gone through all the commits from v5.13.9..99ca48e
(current blead) and written notes about what I think at a glance needs
a perldelta or not, and what needs to be clarified for me so that I
can write the delta.

Those notes are below. It would be very useful if the people involved
and others could:

 * Go over the notes for their commits and see if they make sense
 * Clarify things, or even write a short paragraph that I can include
   in the delta
 * Commit a delta entry for commits they've made. This is of course
   optional, but very appreciated.

I've CC'd the people who I need information from. Hopefully I haven't
missed any.

Here are the commits and my notes:

    81fe74f Leon Timmermans <> -- Define PerlIOBase_open

New PerlIO API. Shouldn't this also be documented in perlapi? The docs
in perliol.pod just say you can use it, but nothing says what its
prototype etc. are

    c0888ac Leon Timmermans <> -- Use PerlIOBase_open
for pop, utf8 and bytes layers

Does this change existing behavior?

    ecfd064 Leon Timmermans <> -- Fixes 'raw' layer
for perl#80764

Fixes, that should
be noted.

    a4b0381 Michael Stevens <> -- Porting pod lint.

No delta needed.

    1b279fc Michael Stevens <> -- Fix pod bug - bare =item

No delta needed.

    ff7e900 Michael Stevens <> -- Update old
activestate links to point to git.

Thanks Michael, I note that:

    $ git --no-pager grep
    cpan/Time-HiRes/Changes:        you can browse them at
    ext/DynaLoader/dl_vms.xs: * Revised:   See

Perhaps you or someone is interested in fixing that with the relevant
modules (very low priority).

No delta needed.

    dc7c536 Michael Stevens <> -- Fixed patch for 5.10.0 link.

No delta needed.

    2cd5623 Karl Williamson <> -- mktables:
Clarify comment

No delta needed.

    f952827 Karl Williamson <> -- regcomp.c:
Refactor macro so works on EBCDIC, clarity

Does this change the status of our EBCDIC support or is it just a
small refactor that doesn't need mentioning?

I.e. will we still fail horribly on EBCDIC systems, just not here?

    2926a53 Chris 'BinGOs' Williams <> -- Update
Changes in Module::CoreList for the 2.42_01 release

No delta needed?

    32ebae0 Tony Cook <> -- quote the pod
filename used in the regexp to avoid \ issues on Win32

No delta needed.

    3bef022 Tony Cook <> -- depend on files
needed for porting/buildtoc.t

No delta needed? Or did this un-break the win32 build?

    3842ad6 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert
lib/Pod/t/utils.t from Test to Test::More
    8c2a530 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert
threads-shared/t/disabled.t from Test to Test::More.

Maybe write something like "some tests have been converted from Test
to Test::More" ?

    02a4b4d Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, remove a
superfluous "\n " passed to output()
    bb5dd17 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, remove a
superfluous length in output()
    02f7391 Nicholas Clark <> -- Remove training
whitespace in Pod which can confuse pod/buildtoc
    bcb1dae Nicholas Clark <> -- Remove training
whitespace in Pod which can confuse pod/buildtoc
    53ea20b Nicholas Clark <> -- Remove training
whitespace in Pod which can confuse pod/buildtoc

All these buildtoc fixes can probably go under some generic "lots of
fixes to buildtoc" heading, no?

    1faab7c Robin Barker <> -- Todo item done -

No delta needed probably.

    34e07d0 Nicholas Clark <> -- Remove commented out
code from buildtoc
    c16dbe5 Nicholas Clark <> -- Teach buildtoc that - in
filenames in ext/ represents :: in the package name.
    9a8cc8a Nicholas Clark <> -- No need for buildtoc to
scan ext/, now that it runs after the build process.
    11eb54f Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, inline
path2modname() into its only caller.
    3eb77e4 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, the module
de-duplication logic applies equally to pragmata.
    e777a91 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, eliminate
nl() by adding an explicit "\n" at its two use points.

See buildtoc comment above.

    79c8612 David Mitchell <> -- XS-APItest/t/caller.t:
mark two passing tests

"Test hints hash under debugger" or something, or maybe nothing.

    c43ae56 David Mitchell <> -- add GvCV_set() and
GvGP_set() macros.

New API. Should be noted.

    d871876 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, accumulate
all perltoc.pod content before outputting it to disk.
    f20404e Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, fold
multiple newlines just before output.
    39440e4 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, remove
whitespace only lines just before output.
    b8ce93b Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, call
Text::Wrap::wrap() just before output.
    c0f8aaa Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, eliminate
the now vestigial sub output.

See buildtoc comment above.

    fd1d9b5 Father Chrysostomos <> -- [perl #81750]
Perl 5.12: undef-as-hashref bug

Should be noted as a fix for [perl #81750].

    1fa7865 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, refactor
the flow logic in podset() to avoid most uses of next.
    536d740 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, move the
local $/ = ''; to the scope of the file it relates to.
    c6d1bb1 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, eliminate a
substitution which mangles nested package names.

See buildtoc comment above.

    da392a1 Karl Williamson <> -- Add
x-references in pods to new /a, etc.

"Discussion about /a, /d and /l added to perlop/perlre".

    6e4c470 David Mitchell <> -- RT #75870 perldata.pod
tied hash in scalar context

Note that was fixed.

    6d5bdea Craig A. Berry <> -- PerlIO_push returns
NULL, not -1, on failure.

Bugfix for PerlIOBase_open, no delta need.d

    7787c33 Craig A. Berry <> -- Don't export
PerlIORaw_open if it doesn't exist anymore.

Note that we don't have PerlIORaw_open anymore?

    7f84316 Chip Salzenberg <> -- Since xmldump_packsubs
does not actually output XML, don't call it from xmldump_all.

What did it output then, was this a bug or just a redundancy fix?

    20b3033 David Golden <> -- remove Changes file
from dist/ExtUtils-CBuilder

Is this us just not shipping Changes file in general?

    f19d51a David Golden <> -- Update
for ExtUtils-CBuilder-0.280201

Noteworthy? Probably not.

    c76d6cf David Golden <> -- Fix up MANIFEST and
update for ExtUtils::CBuilder

Same note as for 20b3033 above.

    0190d5e Chip Salzenberg <> -- clear up unused var
warning in prev patch

Ah, so we do want to output XML some day.

    64a589f David Golden <> -- Updated to
CPAN version 1.94_64

This needs a delta.

    600dcb9 Craig A. Berry <> -- Automate current
perldelta entry in vms/descrip_mms.template.

Thanks Craig, that was very useful. No need for delta.

    3b9d928 Michael Stevens <> -- Fix an invalid =item warning.

Nothing or "misc pod fixes" maybe.

    99746d7 Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82526] Fix kldp links.

Note this.

    092decc Ricardo Signes <> -- add v5.12.3 epigram
    0f690f8 Ricardo Signes <> -- fix bizarre date typo in
5.12.2 epigraph

No need for delta.

    57e52db Ricardo Signes <> -- re-add 5.12.3 versions

Note along with "updated Module::Corelist" ?

    f1d4662 Ricardo Signes <> -- pick perl5123delta.pod
from maint-5.12
    6c5f5ef Nicholas Clark <> -- Add perl5123delta.pod to
MANIFEST and pod.lst, after f1d4662fac7469d5.

Should be noted probably.

    e1d797b Nicholas Clark <> -- Re-add 5.12.3's release
date to Module::Corelist.

ditto comment for 57e52db above.

    453d776 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, convert
do_manifest() to returning a scalar.
    131a60d Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, convert all
the do_* functions to taking 2 scalars.
    71878e4 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, pull the
sanity check for NUL bytes to the top level.
    02cc404 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, rename
&output_perltoc to &do_toc, and integrate its invocation.
    15e7524 Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, only "find
all the modules" if rebuilding pod/perltoc.pod
    9dce16c Nicholas Clark <> -- In buildtoc, only have
entries in %Build for targets being built.
    5733ee1 Nicholas Clark <> -- Extend pod/buildtoc
--test to validate that regenerated files are up to date.
    bac6105 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert buildtoc to
lexical file handles and 3-arg open.

More misc buildtoc stuff.

    3940f48 Ricardo Signes <> -- add 5.12.3 hsitory to perlhist
    96e4e4a Ricardo Signes <> -- fix 5.12.3 release date

"Stuff was picked for 5.12.3"..

    f149510 Chris 'BinGOs' Williams <> -- Update
Changes and bump Module::CoreList to 2.44 for a CPAN release

Do we note these upgrades?

    cbf59d5 Florian Ragwitz <> -- Stop EU::CBuilder's
tests from failing in parallel

Should be noted. What's our status on parallel testing anyway? Works
now? More bugs left?

    3456692 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <> -- Changes:
correct mis-indentation introduced in dc7c5368d1

No need for delta.

    2f794ae Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert Net::Ping's
tests to use Test::More from Test.

Include in s/Test/Test::More/ note.

    1d810d0 Nicholas Clark <> -- Remove duplicate test
for $ENV{LANG} in I18N::LangTags test 80_all_env.t

A minor note about this perhaps.

    6aaed20 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert I18N::LangTags
to Test::More from Test.

Include in s/Test/Test::More/ note.

    e5247ea Nicholas Clark <> -- Remove Mac OS classic
only tests from Cwd's Spec.t

"Ongoing macos nuking"

    cba0911 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert File::Spec's
remaining tests to Test::More from Test.

Include in s/Test/Test::More/ note.

    1f61f11 Nicholas Clark <> -- Remove Mac OS classic
special case code from Cwd's cwd.t

"Ongoing macos nuking"

    e0b4419 Nicholas Clark <> -- "Don't repeat yourself"
in regen/

No need for delta.

    892eaa7 Nicholas Clark <> -- In, move the
logic for perlapi.c's Tolkien quote out from do_not_edit()

No need for delta.

    d17f3db Jesse Vincent <> -- perldelta for 5.13.10
    03f96b7 Jesse Vincent <> -- Update TOC for

Yay my TODO list.

    7810234 Nicholas Clark <> -- Move all the generated
file header printing into read_only_top()

No need for delta.

    60fee4d Nicholas Clark <> -- regen/ should
use rename_if_different() for lib/overload/

No need for delta?

    c73c6da Nicholas Clark <> -- hasn't
generated files named *-old since 2008, so don't delete them.

Maybe a minor note about build system cleanups.

    c5f63f3 H.Merijn Brand <> -- From: Benny
Siegert <> Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 19:27:04 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] MirBSD: fix rpath for shared libperl

Note that we support MirBSD better.

    bb5cff7 Nicholas Clark <> -- In use a
meaningful key for storing the file's name.
    396ce24 Nicholas Clark <> -- In, when
opening, first unlink a previous file of that name.
    f038801 Nicholas Clark <> -- In regen/*.pl, refactor
the repeated code for close and rename if different.

No need for delta.

    ce716c5 Nicholas Clark <> -- Change
close_and_rename() to read_only_bottom_close_and_rename()


    3974d06 Nicholas Clark <> -- Move the duplicated
subroutine tab() into

ditto, but maybe under the build system cleanup heading.

    2d6469f Nicholas Clark <> -- In regen scripts, print
to explicit file handles instead of using select.


    6ae93ef David Golden <> -- bump
ExtUtils::CBuilder version numbers

Mention this?

    8d884f4 David Golden <> -- Update
ExtUtils::CBuilder in

And this.

    f58b9ef Chris 'BinGOs' Williams <> -- Update
Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 0.72

Has a delta, thanks Chris.

    0a2b78c Chris 'BinGOs' Williams <> -- Tracked
down some other places to make the Unicode-Collate changes

As part of the Unicode-Collate upgrade note?

    e8fb9ef Nicholas Clark <> -- Output "read only"
editor blocks from

Useful. Will note it.

    c24c946 Nicholas Clark <> -- Store the SHA-256 of the
source in files generated by


    b7c3585 Nicholas Clark <> -- t/porting/regen.t can
test that META.yml is up to date.

Also nice. Thanks for making releasing easier.

    e34f6d8 Nicholas Clark <> -- Avoid blank lines in META.yml

Will maybe note.

    c21ebed David Leadbeater <> -- [perl #82650] Ignore
DTrace build product

Will note the RT.

    8770da0 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert
to use
    98e310a Nicholas Clark <> -- Move
from Porting/ to regen/
    25bab59 Nicholas Clark <> -- t/porting/regen.t can
test that regcharclass.h is up to date.

Under "build system cleanup".

    613e98e Craig A. Berry <> -- Split shebang line
fix-up from file processing in MM->fixin().
    5844a3e Craig A. Berry <> -- Override
_fixin_replace_shebang on VMS so MM->fixin works.

Doesn't $VERSION need to be bumped for this? hat's the state of our
EU::MM now?

    96ac097 Nicholas Clark <> -- Move the non-generated
parts of l1_char_class_tab.h out into handy.h
    cfb8fd6 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert to use
    500c194 Nicholas Clark <> -- Move
from Porting/ to regen/
    ea52845 Nicholas Clark <> -- regen/
can test that l1_char_class_tab.h is up to date.
    858e1d2 Nicholas Clark <> -- Propagate 2 edits made
in Perl_keywords() back to

Under "build system cleanup".

    26ea9e1 Nicholas Clark <> -- Break out the generated
function Perl_keywords() into keywords.c, a new file.

I will need to toke slightly less when reading toke.c now. Thanks.

    f133ac5 Nicholas Clark <> -- Merge
into regen/, to generate keywords.[ch]

Under "build system cleanup".

    0407acb Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert I18N::Colate's
test to Test::More.
    1ec1a96 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert Storable's
store.t to Test::More
    80b774e Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert if's test to Test::More
    2b4e7dd Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert Env's tests to Test::More

Include in s/Test/Test::More/ note.

    2a2d6a0 Nicholas Clark <> -- Exchange
dist/Env/t/{array,env}.t, which were transposed by b695f709e8a342e3

Nice catch for a 10 year old bug.

    3f76dde Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82702] Fix
commit message internal link.
    21b40ab Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82704]
Change bare link in pod to L<...>
    42d76a8 Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82706] Tidy
up README.win32 pod.
    a0bbd6f Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82708] Fix
unescaped chars in L<>.
    1b2010d Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82710] Fix
incorrect pod link markup.
    e843f77 Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82712] Pod
link fixes to use correct markup.
    2179af5 Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82718]
Improve English and add some L<> around http links
    f391b66 Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82722] Give
more filenames and urls L<>

Thanks Michael. Will note these.

    3242774 Father Chrysostomos <> -- Put AUTHORS in
alphabetical order

"Whose alphabetical order" ? >:) No need for delta.

    037fcf9 Father Chrysostomos <> -- Add Hongwe Qiu to AUTHORS
    010f0c4 Hongwe Qiu <> -- [pod] typo fix for

Cool, will note.

Actually one thing I like about the Git project is that it has a "$x
authors contributed to this release, of those $y were new".

I might modify the relevant script to do that, of course that'll be
hard since we'd have to maintain a .mailmap to do it properly.

But giving new people a note probably encourages new committers.

    f6d9469 David Mitchell <> -- fix harmless invalid
read in Perl_re_compile()

Fixes [perl #2460]. Will note.

    daaf7ac David Mitchell <> -- make reg_eval_scope.t
TODOs consistently fail

Will note this.

    b894897 Craig A. Berry <> -- Make
t/porting/buildtoc.t use runperl for portability.

Under the buildtoc note.

    236a53f Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82730] Fix
filename reference to perldelta_template.
    6638386 Michael Stevens <> -- [perl #82738] Add
L<> to more links.

Under the POD fixes note along with the other commits from Michael.

    321ec85 Hongwen Qiu <> -- correct myself's
name in AUTHORS
    313ce23 Hongwen Qiu <> -- remove duplicates in

Thanks Hongwen, will put under "misc pod fixes" or something.

    7cf8bfc David Golden <> -- Update Module::Build
to CPAN version 0.3622

Has a delta.

    4c149f7 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert Data::Dumper's
overload.t to Test::More
    6453519 Nicholas Clark <> -- Convert Safe's remaining
hold out tests to Test::More

Include in s/Test/Test::More/ note.

    c2ac899 Noirin Shirley <> -- Small change to
perlretut and perlrequick to fix Bug 76604

Will note. Also new author.

    f4c5852 Chris 'BinGOs' Williams <> -- Update
CGI to CPAN version 3.52

Has a delta. Thanks Chris.

    256771e Hongwen Qiu <> -- more typo fix for

"misc pod" etc.

    22fe8e5 Father Chrysostomos <> -- Add Noirin
Shirley to AUTHORS

See note for Noirin above.

    cfc889a Craig A. Berry <> -- Compile keywords.c on VMS.

No need for note.

    8250589 Leon Timmermans <> -- Made binmode $fh,
':scalar' DWIM

Will note this. Behavior change.

    99ca48e David Mitchell <> -- add tests for #3516:
\G in a m//g

Will note this.

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