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Perl 5.13.5 is now available

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Steve Hay
September 19, 2010 14:51
Perl 5.13.5 is now available
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    Candle in hand I stepped in.  I do not know whether the quality of
    air, long undisturbed, is peculiar; to me it has always seemed so, and
    the damp smell of the old masonry hung in this atmosphere.  My candle
    faintly lighted the bare stone wall that enclosed the stair, the foot
    of which I could not see.  Down I went, and a few turns brought me to
    the stone floor.  Here was another door, of the simple, old, oak kind,
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    Softly, lest any one should have opened his window at the sound of the
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    grounds.  Here I found that the brushwood spread a good way up the
    park, uniting with the wood that approached the little temple I have

        -- Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, /The Room in the Dragon Volant/

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of Perl 5.13.5.

This is the sixth DEVELOPMENT release in the 5.13.x series leading to a
stable release of Perl 5.14.0. You can find a list of high-profile changes
in this release in the file "perldelta.pod" inside the distribution.

You can (or will shortly be able to) download the 5.13.5 release from:

The release's MD5 and SHA1 signatures are:

    MD5:  6880fca167033ce75812431c72e3b416         perl-5.13.5.tar.gz
    SHA1: 853a655aa6498cde972a92b8aaf93b1cc029feae perl-5.13.5.tar.gz

    MD5:  9632166597de1e3adf2f1c419409309d         perl-5.13.5.tar.bz2
    SHA1: 9bbf3524769b075e11ac3264f891f6e544091189 perl-5.13.5.tar.bz2

This release corresponds to commit 08d032c06a in Perl's git repository.
It is tagged as 'v5.13.5'.

We welcome your feedback on this release.

If Perl 5.13.5 works well for you, please use the 'perlthanks' tool
included in this distribution to tell the all-volunteer development team
how much you appreciate their work.

If you discover issues with Perl 5.13.5, please use the 'perlbug' tool
included in this distribution to report them.

If you write software in Perl, it is particularly important that you test
your software against development releases. While we strive to maintain
source compatibility with prior stable versions of Perl wherever possible,
it is always possible that a well-intentioned change can have unexpected
consequences. If you spot a change in a development version which breaks
your code, it's much more likely that we will be able to fix it before the
next stable release. If you only test your code against stable releases
of Perl, it may not be possible to undo a backwards-incompatible change
which breaks your code.

Perl 5.13.5 represents approximately one month of development since Perl
5.13.4 and contains 74558 lines of changes across 549 files from 45
authors and committers.

Notable changes in this release:

* Magic applied to variables in the main package no longer affects other

* Some odd behaviour when smart-matching against array slices has been

* Use of qw(...) as parentheses is now deprecated.

* Numerous bugs or regressions from earlier releases of Perl have been

Thank you to the following for contributing to this release:

Abigail, Alexander Alekseev, Aristotle Pagaltzis, Ben Morrow, Bram, brian
d foy, Chas. Owens, Chris 'BinGOs' Williams, Craig A. Berry, Curtis
Jewell, Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker, David Golden, David Leadbeater, David
Mitchell, Eric Brine, Father Chrysostomos, Florian Ragwitz, Gisle Aas, Jan
Dubois, Jerry D. Hedden, Jesse Vincent, Jim Cromie, Jirka Hruška, Karl
Williamson, Michael G. Schwern, Nicholas Clark, Paul Johnson, Philippe
Bruhat (BooK), Piotr Fusik, Rafael Garcia-Suarez, Rainer Tammer, Reini
Urban, Ricardo Signes, Rob Hoelz, Robin Barker, Steffen Mueller, Steve
Hay, Steve Peters, Todd Rinaldo, Tony Cook, Vincent Pit, Yves Orton,
Zefram, Zsbán Ambrus, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason.

Many of the changes included in this version originated in the CPAN
modules included in Perl's core. We're grateful to the entire CPAN
community for helping Perl to flourish.

Development versions of Perl are released monthly on or about the 20th
of the month by a monthly "release manager". You can expect following
upcoming releases:

    October 20     -    Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
    November 20    -    Chris Williams
    December 20    -    Zefram


Steve Hay

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