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Fwd: [ #56674] inconsistent #! for programs

Curtis Jewell
April 16, 2010 13:16
Fwd: [ #56674] inconsistent #! for programs
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Just got this, and I'm wondering why this is the case. (there's probably
a logically inscrutable reason for it...)

[In Strawberry's case, the shebang should be #!perl, I would think. The
question is how to set it to that during building.]


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Subject: [ #56674] inconsistent #! for programs 

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The use of #! to indicate the path to perl for scripts is inconsistent.
The ones that use paths such as /usr/bin/perl or ./perl simply won't
work. C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe is ok, but I believe a bare perl
is more portable.

Here is a list of the scripts and what they use in
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/enc2xs:          %!./perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/piconv:          %!./perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/json_xs:         %!/opt/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/corelist:        %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/cpan2dist:       %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/cpaninject:      %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/cpanp:           %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/cpansign:        %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/crc32:           %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/instmodsh:       %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/largeprimes:     %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/lwp-download:    %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/lwp-dump:        %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/lwp-mirror:      %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/lwp-request:     %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/lwp-rget:        %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/makerandom:      %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/minicpan:        %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/parinstallppd:   %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/perldoc:         %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/pip:             %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/pler:            %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/ppd2par:         %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/          %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/ptar:            %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/ptardiff:        %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/pwhich:          %!/usr/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/cpan:            %!/usr/local/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/   %!/usr/local/bin/perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/   %!perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/dbilogstrip:     %!perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/dbiprof:         %!perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/dbiproxy:        %!perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/findrule:        %!perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/pod2man:         %!perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/pod2text:        %!perl
/C/Strawberry/perl/bin/shasum:          %!perl

Curtis Jewell 

"Your random numbers are not that random" -- perl-5.10.1.tar.gz/util.c

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