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Code Freeze for 5.12 this Thursday - Read on for details

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Jesse Vincent
January 11, 2010 10:21
Code Freeze for 5.12 this Thursday - Read on for details
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Dearest Porters,

It's time to draw a line in the proverbial sand.  Code freeze for 5.12.0
will be this Thursday, 2010-01-14 at 18:00 GMT (1PM US/Eastern).


We have a list of "blocking" bugs -
Each bug on that list currently blocks the release of Perl 5.12.0.

To release 5.12.0 before the heat death of the universe, we need to
empty the list of blockers.

If there are issues which you feel are serious enough to stop 5.12.0 from
shipping, please make sure that a ticket exists in for the
issue and then send mail to perl5-porters with a subject reading:

    SHOULD BLOCK 5.12: 123456

Lively discussion will ensue. After that, the ticket will either
be added to the list of blockers or dismissed as "not quite important


Once that list of blockers is empty, I'll roll a first release candidate
of 5.12.0. I will wait for feedback and critical bug reports for at
least 14 days before blessing a release as 5.12.0.

The first bug-fix release in the 5.12 series, 5.12.1, will follow 5.12.0
in fairly short order: Approximately four weeks after the release of
5.12.0, I will release 5.12.1RC1. A firmer timetable for 5.12.1 will
follow shortly after the release of 5.12.0.


Right now, I know of a single "large" new feature with a sword hanging
over its head: "package NAME VERSION" syntax won't be part of the
shipping 5.12 series _unless_ we get a well thought out, well
implemented strict version parser hammered out before Thursday. John
Peacock's been working on an implementation. David Golden's been
reviewing draft patches. It currently looks fairly close, but everyone
has agreed that if it's not sorted out in time, "package NAME VERSION"
will become the first new feature in the Perl 5.13 perldelta.

Andreas Koenig has been tracking a number of CPAN fails caused by
changes in 5.11.x. The most recent list I have is a little out of date
(in particular, I know the CMOP issue to be fixed). I can't promise that
_every_ CPAN fail with 5.12.0 will be considered a blocker, but many

	Devel-Declare           52894   bleadperl f746176 breaks 
	Class-Std               52885   (blead forbids keywords as labels)
	Attribute-Util          52643   GitLive-blead-2143-g09330df breaks 1.0
	IO-Socket-Multicast6    52497   Bleadperl 4411113f breaks I:S:M6 0.03
	Class-MOP               51811   g09330df breaks Class-MOP-0.95
	File-Slurp              50939   g6100a0 breaks File::Slurp
	Test-Exception          49617   Bleadperl breaks Test-Exception-0.27
	Data-PostfixDeref       43686   PL_preprocess gone in bleadperl@32954
	Params-Profile          43284   Test fails with bleadperl
	Clone-Fast              43248   Does not work with 5.5.5 and bleadperl
	YAML-LibYAML            43115   Broken with bleadperl


After freeze, the following sorts of changes to blead will be encouraged:

    * Documentation improvements
    * New or improved tests for blocking bugs
    * Fixing blocking bugs
    * New TODO tests for non-blocking bugs
    * Release-engineering tooling changes directly focused on
      getting 5.11.x or 5.12.0 out the door

After freeze, all other changes to blead are verboten.  This includes, 
but is not limited to changes which:

     * Fix 'serious' bugs which are not listed as blocking
     * Fix 'minor' bugs
     * Add or remove language features
     * Update modules to keep pace with new CPAN releases



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