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Re: PATCH #69018; revamped mktables; Makefile changes for it

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Rafael Garcia-Suarez
November 23, 2009 02:01
Re: PATCH #69018; revamped mktables; Makefile changes for it
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2009/11/23 karl williamson <>:
> There needs to be some discussion about how mktables gets called.  It
> generates all three of t/re/uniprops.t, lib/unicore/mktables.lst, and
> pod/perluniprops.pod (besides and all the tables).  I meant to
> patch Makefile to cause all three of these to be generated, but didn't
> realize that I should really patch Makefile.SH instead, so my changes were
> lost.  But let's figure out what they should be before I submit a revision.

As far as I can tell it will only generate perluniprops.pod when passed
"-P pod", and t/re/uniprops.t when passed "-T t/re/uniprops.t".

> These three files are essentially static from Unicode release to Unicode
> release (as are all the tables, except if someone changes mktables itself to
> generate different things.)  The reason you saw mktables.lst change is
> because it has a time stamp in it (that should have been the only
> difference, and it was because I did a final make test, just to be sure,
> after I had committed, but before I delivered; sorry). mktables.lst retains
> the same format as it traditionally has had.

No, I saw other changes, notably in the list of output files, since by
default it doesn't generate the two files I just mentioned.

> I was attempting to add the generation of all three of them to Makefile
> because of what Nicolas said several months ago about wanting to generate
> the pod file every time, as it was one less thing for the pumpking to worry
> about when getting things out the door.  I figured that we should be
> consistent, so made that the behavior for all three. But this is a change
> for mktables.lst.  I don't know when that got generated in the past. Perhaps
> it is something on the pumpking's list?

I would favor generating everything by default, and making uniprops.t
be, as Nicholas said, a wrapper around a generated file (so uniprops.t
is listed in the MANIFEST and is picked up by the test harness.)

I would also make -p the default (show progress of mktables during run),
except maybe when stdout isn't a tty.

> I see a couple of possibilities.  One is to generate all three every time.
>  I guess that means they should come off the MANIFEST.  But mktables.lst has
> always been generated, and has been in MANIFEST.
> The other option I see is to generate them by hand when a new release of
> Unicode is installed, and to put them in the MANIFEST.  But if someone
> changes mktables to generate different files, these would have to be
> regenerated at that time as well, and someone might forget.
> What are people's opinions?
> Somewhat related, this new mktables takes longer than the old one to
> execute.  In part it is because it's doing a lot more things; in part it's
> because it uses more object-oriented, inside-out-hash, functions and is
> getting them in pure Perl.  (Nicholas' suggestion from last week helped
> quite a bit here, though).  Even on my this-year's-model Linux box, it seems
> like it takes forever.  (I compile my development Perls without
> optimization; it seems like it runs twice as fast on a 5.10 Perl that has
> optimization, but I haven't done any benchmarking.)  Adding the -p option to
> the call to show progress helps me see how things are progressing, and
> realize how much work it's actually doing.  Should I do that in the
> Makefile?
> I think this longer compilation time would be perfectly acceptable if it
> didn't actually happen very often, like with the Encode tables.  And there
> is no reason to compile more frequently than the Encode tables. As I
> mentioned, the underlying tables are static.  New Unicode releases come out
> about once a year or so.  But Makefile is removing outputs before testing
> whether it should call mktables, and of course, decides it should.  I
> haven't sat down to figure out how this is happening yet; nor have I
> investigated when the Encode tables get cleaned; is it a normal clean, I
> don't think so; maybe its a realclean.  But I think mktables' outputs
> shouldn't be cleaned at a lower level than Encode's. Comments?

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