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Re: PATCH #69018; revamped mktables; Makefile changes for it

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karl williamson
November 22, 2009 21:46
Re: PATCH #69018; revamped mktables; Makefile changes for it
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Rafael Garcia-Suarez wrote:
> 2009/11/22 karl williamson <>:
>> A revised mktables is available, both at
>> git://  (The branch is called mktables)  It
>> fixes the minor bug #69018, concerning accepting the erroneous
>> \p{Script=InGreek}, and perhaps other bugs; I need to look.  But it fixes a
>> number of things which I have not bothered to write bug reports on, many of
>> them have been aired on the p5p list over the last several months.
> Thanks a lot. I've merged your patch in bleadperl. I'll update perldelta
> as well.
> I also checked in 3 small mundane commits on top of it.
> I noticed that mktables.lst was modified after build, so I removed it
> from the sources, letting the build process generate it at each
> time. Is that correct?
> commit 23f0c133b39568de35784182a730cb2929c27e34
> Author: Rafael Garcia-Suarez <>
> Date:   Sun Nov 22 21:37:51 2009 +0100
>     Remove mktables.lst, since it's generated
>  MANIFEST                 |    1 -
>  lib/unicore/mktables.lst |  829 ----------------------------------------------
>  2 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 830 deletions(-)
> commit 329347eef534abb140be6ddc937e0ef89f630d3d
> Author: Rafael Garcia-Suarez <>
> Date:   Sun Nov 22 21:10:38 2009 +0100
>     Add new generated file lib/unicore/ to gitignore
>     Also remove from there files that are no longer generated by mktables.
>  lib/.gitignore |    3 +--
>  1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

Is it documented somewhere that it should be done?  Thanks for doing it.
> commit 3aa7f313a30095b1306546e95c9a127b52cc2888
> Author: Rafael Garcia-Suarez <>
> Date:   Sun Nov 22 19:50:33 2009 +0100
>     Fix plan syntax in TAP output
>  t/re/uniprops.t |    2 +-
>  1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)


There needs to be some discussion about how mktables gets called.  It 
generates all three of t/re/uniprops.t, lib/unicore/mktables.lst, and 
pod/perluniprops.pod (besides and all the tables).  I meant to 
patch Makefile to cause all three of these to be generated, but didn't 
realize that I should really patch Makefile.SH instead, so my changes 
were lost.  But let's figure out what they should be before I submit a 

These three files are essentially static from Unicode release to Unicode 
release (as are all the tables, except if someone changes mktables 
itself to generate different things.)  The reason you saw mktables.lst 
change is because it has a time stamp in it (that should have been the 
only difference, and it was because I did a final make test, just to be 
sure, after I had committed, but before I delivered; sorry). 
mktables.lst retains the same format as it traditionally has had.

I was attempting to add the generation of all three of them to Makefile 
because of what Nicolas said several months ago about wanting to 
generate the pod file every time, as it was one less thing for the 
pumpking to worry about when getting things out the door.  I figured 
that we should be consistent, so made that the behavior for all three. 
But this is a change for mktables.lst.  I don't know when that got 
generated in the past. Perhaps it is something on the pumpking's list?

I see a couple of possibilities.  One is to generate all three every 
time.  I guess that means they should come off the MANIFEST.  But 
mktables.lst has always been generated, and has been in MANIFEST.

The other option I see is to generate them by hand when a new release of 
Unicode is installed, and to put them in the MANIFEST.  But if someone 
changes mktables to generate different files, these would have to be 
regenerated at that time as well, and someone might forget.

What are people's opinions?

Somewhat related, this new mktables takes longer than the old one to 
execute.  In part it is because it's doing a lot more things; in part 
it's because it uses more object-oriented, inside-out-hash, functions 
and is getting them in pure Perl.  (Nicholas' suggestion from last week 
helped quite a bit here, though).  Even on my this-year's-model Linux 
box, it seems like it takes forever.  (I compile my development Perls 
without optimization; it seems like it runs twice as fast on a 5.10 Perl 
that has optimization, but I haven't done any benchmarking.)  Adding the 
-p option to the call to show progress helps me see how things are 
progressing, and realize how much work it's actually doing.  Should I do 
that in the Makefile?

I think this longer compilation time would be perfectly acceptable if it 
didn't actually happen very often, like with the Encode tables.  And 
there is no reason to compile more frequently than the Encode tables. 
As I mentioned, the underlying tables are static.  New Unicode releases 
come out about once a year or so.  But Makefile is removing outputs 
before testing whether it should call mktables, and of course, decides 
it should.  I haven't sat down to figure out how this is happening yet; 
nor have I investigated when the Encode tables get cleaned; is it a 
normal clean, I don't think so; maybe its a realclean.  But I think 
mktables' outputs shouldn't be cleaned at a lower level than Encode's. 

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