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Re: PATCH #69018; revamped mktables

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karl williamson
November 22, 2009 20:32
Re: PATCH #69018; revamped mktables
Message ID: wrote:
> karl williamson <> wrote:
> :A revised mktables is available, both at 
> :git://  (The branch is called mktables) 
> :  It fixes the minor bug #69018, concerning accepting the erroneous 
> :\p{Script=InGreek}, and perhaps other bugs; I need to look.  But it 
> :fixes a number of things which I have not bothered to write bug reports 
> :on, many of them have been aired on the p5p list over the last several 
> :months.
> Awesome work, I'm so glad somebody has hands tough enough to grasp these
> thorns.
> I don't know this stuff in any depth, but a few general things struck
> me while reading.
> :All duplicate files have been eliminated.  That means that if two
> :properties match the same exact set of code points, one file serves
> :both.  This was not so much to save disk space, as to save memory, as
> :the same swash can now serve multiple properties.
> Is this dealt with automatically, so that if two such properties later
> diverge it will correctly split them out to separate files again?

It tries to do everything it can automatically.  And yes, it will 
correctly split them out to separate files if they no longer match 

> :      -p	    tells mktables to give progress information as it works.
> If this is most useful for humans, it might be slightly nicer to make it
> on by default, and instead add a -q[uiet] option to suppress it.

There are actually several levels of verbosity, and -q changes it to 
quiet: only output errors.  The normal level outputs things that are 
concerning but not necessarily errors.  -p adds progress, and -v adds 
even more stuff; I left it the essentially the same as it always has 
been.  It was a last minute decision on my part to not put in the -p. as 
the default.  I would have done this by adding it to the Makefile 
parameters calling mktables.  I thought people might not want this extra 
information.  We need to figure out how to call this program from the 
Makefile; see my response to Rafael to follow shortly with more about this.
> :The rest of this is text intended to be suitable for perldelta.  NOTE
> :that this includes some anticipated documentation changes that haven't
> :been submitted yet.
> The perldelta text mentions lots of effects on properties, but doesn't
> say anything about things like \w and \d. If this patch affects what
> they match then it is vital to mention that; but if it doesn't, that's
> also important information that readers will be searching for.

It hasn't been fully decided what's up with \w, \d, and \s in this next 
release, and when it is, me or someone should patch perldelta to say 
that.  I'm adding it to my list of things to check.  Thanks

> Hugo

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