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[perl #68260] File::Find troubles with symlinks that use multiple slashes for a single directory separator

August 7, 2009 03:49
[perl #68260] File::Find troubles with symlinks that use multiple slashes for a single directory separator
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File::Find's contract_name produces an incorrect path when a symlink has
multiple slashes to represent a single directory separator alongside a
parent directory reference.  The code that converts '/DIRECTORY/../' to just
'/' is managing a single slash, but that doesn't mean it manages the
directory separator completely, since the separation may be represented by
multiple slashes.

I'm using perl 5.8.5 on linux.  I found this File::Find issue in 1.07, and
did an install of 1.13 to find it there as well.

Test case:

$ mkdir -p A/1 B/2
$ echo hello > B/2/file.txt
$ ln -s ..////../B/2/file.txt A/1/link_a
$ cat A/1/link_a
$ cat try_sym_resolve

use strict;
use warnings;

use lib '.';
use File::Find ();

print "File::Find version:  $File::Find::VERSION\n";

     {  'wanted' => \&wanted
      , 'follow' => 1
      , 'follow_skip' => 2
      , 'dangling_symlinks' => 1
   , $ARGV[0]


sub wanted {
   my ($dev) = lstat($_);

   print "$File::Find::name\n" if -r _ and -d _;
$ ./try_sym_resolve A/1/link_a
File::Find version:  1.13
A/1/link_a is a dangling symbolic link
 at ./try_sym_resolve line 11
$ ./try_sym_resolve B/2/file.txt
File::Find version:  1.13

I believe the issue is at File::Find's line 446, in contract_name:

       1 while $abs_name =~ s!/[^/]*/\.\./!/!;

Ignoring the leading path, that means we pass through:


That last path is not where the link points.

In terms of a fix, I would think that multiple slashes could be compressed
to singles prior to line 446, and/or that the existing 446 RE could be
altered to use + (plus) instead of * (asterisk).

Come to think of it, this code also may be exposed to issues with paths that
include current directory representations, such as:


I didn't test that out, but it looks like it would resolve (incorrectly) to:


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