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patch add BUGS => list to Porting/Maintiners

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Jim Cromie
June 27, 2009 10:31
patch add BUGS => list to Porting/Maintiners
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I found a few rt-bug email addys pertinent for dual-life modules,
and added a few BUGS items accordingly.

Also, there are ~ 70/130   UPSTREAM => undefs.

# UPSTREAM indicates where patches should go. undef implies
# that this hasn't been discussed for the module at hand.

thats a fair number, and probably easily reduced if noticed:
There may be some mismatches on authors too..

undef upstreams
B::Deparse	smccam	Stephen McCamant <>
B::Lint	jjore	Joshua ben Jore <>
CGI	lstein	Lincoln D. Stein <>
Class::ISA	sburke	Sean Burke <>
Compress::Raw::Bzip2	pmqs	Paul Marquess <>
Compress::Raw::Zlib	pmqs	Paul Marquess <>
DB_File	pmqs	Paul Marquess <>
Digest	gaas	Gisle Aas <>
Digest::MD5	gaas	Gisle Aas <>
Digest::SHA	mshelor	Mark Shelor <>
Encode	dankogai	Dan Kogai <>
Exporter	ferreira	Adriano Ferreira <>
ExtUtils::CBuilder	kwilliams	Ken Williams <>
ExtUtils::Command	rkobes	Randy Kobes <>
ExtUtils::Constant	nwclark	Nicholas Clark <>
ExtUtils::Manifest	rkobes	Randy Kobes <>
ExtUtils::ParseXS	kwilliams	Ken Williams <>
File::Path	dland	David Landgren <>
File::Temp	tjenness	Tim Jenness <>
Filter::Util::Call	pmqs	Paul Marquess <>
IO	gbarr	Graham Barr <>
IO-Compress	pmqs	Paul Marquess <>
IO::Zlib	tomhughes	Tom Hughes <>
Locale-Codes	neilb	Neil Bowers <>
Locale::Maketext	ferreira	Adriano Ferreira <>
Locale::Maketext::Simple	audreyt	Audrey Tang <>
MIME::Base64	gaas	Gisle Aas <>
Math::BigInt	tels	Tels <>
Math::BigInt::FastCalc	tels	Tels <>
Math::BigRat	tels	Tels <>
Memoize	mjd	Mark-Jason Dominus <>
Module::Pluggable	simonw	Simon Wistow <>
PerlIO	p5p	perl5-porters <>
PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint	elizabeth	Elizabeth Mattijsen <>
Pod::Escapes	arandal	Allison Randal <>
Pod::LaTeX	tjenness	Tim Jenness <>
Pod::Parser	marekr	Marek Rouchal <>
Pod::Perldoc	ferreira	Adriano Ferreira <>
Pod::Simple	arandal	Allison Randal <>
Scalar-List-Utils	gbarr	Graham Barr <>
Shell	ferreira	Adriano Ferreira <>
Storable	ams	Abhijit Menon-Sen <>
Sys::Syslog	saper	S�bastien Aperghis-Tramoni <>
Term::Cap	jstowe	Jonathan Stowe <>
Test::Harness	andya	Andy Armstrong <>
Test::Simple	mschwern	Michael Schwern <>
Text::Balanced	dmanura	David Manura <>
Text::ParseWords	chorny	Alexandr Ciornii <>
Text::Soundex	markm	Mark Mielke <>
Tie::File	mjd	Mark-Jason Dominus <>
Time::HiRes	zefram	Andrew Main <>
Time::Local	drolsky	Dave Rolsky <>
Time::Piece	msergeant	Matt Sergeant <>
Win32	jand	Jan Dubois <>
Win32API::File	tyemq	Tye McQueen <>
XSLoader	saper	S�bastien Aperghis-Tramoni <>
_PERLLIB	p5p	perl5-porters <>
bignum	tels	Tels <>
constant	saper	S�bastien Aperghis-Tramoni <>
encoding::warnings	audreyt	Audrey Tang <>
faq	perlfaq	perlfaq-workers <>
if	ilyaz	Ilya Zakharevich <>
libnet	gbarr	Graham Barr <>
mad	lwall	Larry Wall <>
parent	corion	Max Maischein <>
perlebcdic	pvhp	Peter Prymmer <>
perlpacktut	laun	Wolfgang Laun <>
perlpodspec	sburke	Sean Burke <>
perlre	abigail	Abigail <>
perlreapi	avar	�var Arnfj�r� Bjarmason <>
perlreftut	mjd	Mark-Jason Dominus <>
perlthrtut	elizabeth	Elizabeth Mattijsen <>
s2p	laun	Wolfgang Laun <>
version	jpeacock	John Peacock <>
vms	craig	Craig Berry <>
warnings	pmqs	Paul Marquess <>
win32	jand	Jan Dubois <>
 77 of 130 mules

I went ahead and changed the B-Concise upstream entry, since Ive
touched it a bunch of times.
Stephen seems to pop up here occaisionally too.

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