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[PATCH] Update CPANPLUS to 0.85_06

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Jos I. Boumans
February 26, 2009 14:59
[PATCH] Update CPANPLUS to 0.85_06
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[resent with patch as linke due to p5p mail troubles]


in preperation for 5.10.1, attached is the patch to update CPANPLUS  
to 0.85_06. This should
be the last dev release before a stable release. Getting it in now so  
it gets some smoke time
in core.

The full changes list is below, but the most important changes for  
the toolchain are that this
version supports configure_requires, which I'm sure Adam Kennedy has  
talked about enough for me
to forego a lengthy explenation.

All core changes should be integrated, and all tests pass on my OSX  
dev box.

Changes for 0.86_06     Tue Feb 24 18:27:37 2009
* This is a test suite fix. Users of 0.85_05 need not upgrade.
* With configure_requires/C::D::Build bootstrapping, the tests in
   t/21_CPANPLUS-Dist-No-Build.t were no longer correct and caused test
   failures on machines without C::D::Build installed.

Changes for 0.85_05     Mon Feb 16 12:13:18 2009
* Address: #39399: configure_requires doesn't quite work yet;  
   bootstraps CPANPLUS::Dist::Build and Module::Build if the module- 
   installed requires it. Used 't CPAN::Test::Dummy::Perl5::Build' to  
   against a pristine 5.8.8 as well as adding tests to t/21 to make  
sure this
   mechanism works.
* Address #43128: Fixes 'no such module perl on CPAN' errors:
   when 'perl' is listed as a prerequisite, its version should be  
   but should not be checked against the index of modules on CPAN
* Address: #40255: Special case for 'perl' requirement: if a  
requirement for
   'perl' is specified in the META.yml/PREREQ_PM/Build.PL, it is now  
   cased and CPANPLUS will verify the version of perl you are using  
is uptodate.
   This is equivalent to the more traditional 'require 5.x.y' at the  
top of a
* Address #41760: [PATCH] Add 'build_dir_reuse' option. This adds
   $cb->save_state as an API call, which makes it possible to save
   state between two sessions.
* Inspired by: #39095: Multiple modules with different version
   numbers in one release go wrong: CPANPLUS now adds the version  
numbers of the
   modules in the Contains: line in the default shell
* Add all the return values from the CPAN Testers report to $mod- 
   not just selected fields.
* Add $module->installed_dir as a feature; this requires a newer
* When a user generated changes the base dir, CPANPLUS will  
now rescan
   for config files in that base dir too
* New edge case in package naming discovered; adapt regex and add tests
* Address: #41756 (Prerequisite Lists Inconsistent) by using
   $cb->_version_to_number for Bundle::* modules as well	
* Address: #41157: Module::module_is_supplied_with_perl_core()
   broken for perl 5.10
* Address #39948: Test warnings in 0.85_04; quell more warnings
* Address #40892: Fix CPANPLUS::Config docs to be more clear on how
   to set/change configs	
* Remove independant version statements; all versions are now derived
   from CPANPLUS::Internals::Version
* Mention the sqlite backend in a tip	
* Test fix to set makeflags as we intended to do. required to deal  
with IPC::Cmd
   0.42, which parses whitespace slightly different on win32
* Updated bundled modules

Changes for 0.85_04     Mon Sep  8 15:37:01 2008
* Updated CPAN Testers reporting to follow new project guidelines:
   modules authors are no longer copied on reports (the dontcc config  
   has been removed); failures during *.PL or make stages are now  
   as UNKNOWN instead of FAIL; output buffer now included in NA reports
* Set $ENV{MAILDOMAIN} so that T::R does not try to resolve our  
   which can lead to large timeouts for *every* invocation in T::R <  
* Address #38324: no caching of CHECKSUMS
   Checksum files are now cached for 3600 seconds by default to avoid
   refetching to often. This can be overrided by force or setting a  
lower ttl.
* Address #38290: CPANPLUS::Backend->install() always reindexes
   Params::Check::NO_DUPLICATES was enabled, and that meant an empty
   hash lookup. Use the assigned scalar instead
* Some speed ups for the sqlite engine. turns out dbix::simple's (??)
   expansion is very expensive
* Address: #38643: CPANPLUS::Backend methods are not $_ safe.
   Make sure all while( <$fh> ) is written as while( local $_ = <$fh>)
* Address #34345: Should be able to send reports via system
   add 'cpantest_reporter_args' so you can add extra arguments to
   test::reporter's new method sendmail
* Address: #37652: Infinite loop in
   This was merely a wording issue; made the help text more clear

Changes for 0.85_03     Wed Jul 23 02:07:11 2008
* Add experimental SQLite backend for sources. This can be
   used instead of the normal memory/storable implementation.
   You can enable it by running by starting the default shell
   and typing:
   's conf source_engine CPANPLUS::Internals::Source::SQLite; s save'
* Selfupdate now understands the SQLite dependencies
* Setup knows how to ask you about SQLite
* CPANPLUS::Dist::new() is now implemented as a properly inherited
   method, with no additional magic. Now, dists are instantiated as:
   use base 'CPANPLUS::Dist::Base';
* Add diagnostic to 's mirrors' to show how to edit the list
   This address #37651: Explain the best way to add mirrors

Changes for 0.85_02     Sun May 18 17:40:56 2008
* Speed up search slightly be not checking the template
* Speed up $author->distributions call a *lot* by not using clone (which
   in the end scans through the entire module tree for dslip info)
* Make the package_* functions take an argument for parsing
* Speed up clone() a bit
* Meta files were showing up in the $author->distributions call. These
   are now filtered out.

Changes for 0.85_01     Sun Apr  6 15:22:43 2008
* Address #34519 Getting Wrong File with SENGER/NET- 
   The delimiter (_) was being replaced by - after parsing. This is  
now fixed.
* Depend on a newer EU::Installed (1.42), so we can now install into  
a non-site
   wide dir and actually do uninstalls properly. Requires a few  
clever dir
   manipulations from our side, but it works.
* Change tests in 20.t accordingly so test suite no longer needs to  
   site wide for testing purposes.
* When changing the 'lib' param in your config using 's edit' from  
the default
   shell, it wouldn't propagate to the current process. The same  
applied to
   changing the @INC or $ENV{PERL5LIB}. This is now fixed.
* Address: #12355: Add an 'all' option when asking about dependencies.
   Users can now select 'yes to all' or 'no to all' when asked about
   installing prerequisites.
* Implement the META.yml directive 'configure_requires:', which states a
   package needs to be installed before running Makefile.PL. This  
uses the
   new module Parse::CPAN::Meta, which is now bundled and part of the  
* Address: #31279: CPANPLUS should automatically install  
Module::Build and
   necessary tools. We now automatically add CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to
   'configure_requires' when it's needed to install a module and not  
* Address #32248 to make it possible to turn off custom sources by  
   's conf enables_custom_sources 0' from the default shell or config  
* Address: #32064: NA reports generated for failing tests where core
   prereqs are specified. Use  
   to detect if a module is part of perl core or not.
* Add proper support for installing autobundles. $mod->is_bundle  
   autobundle snapshots too now.
* Quell 'non numeric' warnings when loading modules that have a non- 
float as
   version numbers.
* In the default shell, show version numbers in loaded plugin overview.

	Jos Boumans

	'Real programmers use "cat > a.out"'

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