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Re: merging make_ext and make_ext_cross

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Nicholas Clark
February 6, 2009 13:18
Re: merging make_ext and make_ext_cross
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On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 07:47:49PM -0600, Craig A. Berry wrote:

> On that note, I've had a quick look at porting to VMS.  It
> wouldn't be that difficult and I'm happy to add the DCL bits if you'd
> rather not mess with it.  The hard part is calling it from the

If you could, it would be very useful. I think that descrip_mms.template
would need to change something like this, invoking

  $(MINIPERL) "--perl=$(MINIPERL_EXE)" "MAKE=$(MMS)" "--build-all"

with a new --perl option to pass in the path to miniperl (assuming that it's
better to keep the option of having the makefile set the location of miniperl),
but I don't know how to write the VMS system() invocations inside
(Or exactly how to munge the paths to work out the number of '-' for the
directory specs to find lib in -I). So:

--- a/vms/descrip_mms.template
+++ b/vms/descrip_mms.template
@@ -565,8 +565,8 @@ unidatafiles.ts : $(MINIPERL_EXE) [.lib] [.lib.unicore]mktables
 	@ Rename/Log [.ext.DynaLoader]
-dynext : $(LIBPREREQ) $(DBG)perlshr$(E) preplibrary makeppport
-       @make_ext "$(MINIPERL_EXE)" "$(MMS)"
+dynext : $(LIBPREREQ) $(DBG)perlshr$(E) preplibrary makeppport $(MINIPERL_EXE)
+       $(MINIPERL) "--perl=$(MINIPERL_EXE)" "MAKE=$(MMS)" "--build-all"
 [.lib] : [.lib]lib_pm.PL
@@ -1836,7 +1836,7 @@ tidy : cleanlis
 	- If F$Search("[.lib.pods]*.com;-1").nes."" Then Purge/NoConfirm/Log [.lib.pods]*.com
 clean : tidy cleantest cleanup_unpacked_files
-	- @make_ext "$(MINIPERL_EXE)" "$(MMS)" clean
+      	- $(MINIPERL) "--perl=$(MINIPERL_EXE)" "MAKE=$(MMS)" "--build-all" "--target=clean"
 	- If F$Search("*.Opt").nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log *.Opt;*/Exclude=PerlShr_*.Opt
 	- If F$Search("[...]*$(O);*") .nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log [...]*$(O);*
 	- If F$Search(F$Parse("Sys$Disk:[]","$(SOCKH)")).nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log $(SOCKH);*
@@ -1862,7 +1862,7 @@ clean : tidy cleantest cleanup_unpacked_files
 	- If F$Search("git_version.h").nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log git_version.h;*
 realclean : clean
-	- @make_ext "$(MINIPERL_EXE)" "$(MMS)" realclean
+      	- $(MINIPERL) "--perl=$(MINIPERL_EXE)" "MAKE=$(MMS)" "--build-all" "--target=realclean"
 	- $(MINIPERL) mkppport "--clean"
 	- If F$Search("*$(OLB)").nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log *$(OLB);*
 	- If F$Search("*.Opt").nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log *.Opt;*
@@ -1873,7 +1873,6 @@ realclean : clean
 	- If F$Search("[.lib.unicore]Properties.").nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log [.lib.unicore]Properties.;*
 	- $(MINIPERL) -e "use File::Path; rmtree(\@ARGV,1,0);" $(unidatadirs)
 	- If F$Search("Descrip.MMS").nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log Descrip.MMS;*
-	- If F$Search("make_ext.Com").nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log make_ext.Com;*
 	- If F$Search("extra_pods.Com").nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log extra_pods.Com;*
 	- If F$Search("extra.pods").nes."" Then Delete/NoConfirm/Log extra.pods;*
 	- $(MINIPERL) -e "use File::Path; rmtree(['lib/auto','lib/VMS','lib/$(ARCH)'],1,0);"

The second thing is that I've committed changes to Configure and
win32/ to ignore ext/VMS*, and to cope with having directories in
ext named as ext/Data-Dumper/ rather than ext/Data/Dumper

I asked my colleague at work how to do tr!-!/! in DCL (which is all that it
needs), and without access to VMS (dear HP, please bring Testdrive back) he
gave me a loop which I think would integrate into like this:

diff --git a/ b/
index c8e3e5e..4e11358 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -2731,6 +2731,23 @@ $   IF F$EXTRACT(0,7,xxx) .EQS. "Encode/" THEN goto ext_loop  ! sub extension -
 $   IF xxx .EQS. "B/C" THEN goto ext_loop  ! sub extension - omit
 $   IF F$EXTRACT(0,8,line) .EQS. "vms/ext/" THEN -
       xxx = "VMS/" + F$EXTRACT(8,line_len - 20,line)
+$! (extspec = xxx) =~ tr!-!/!
+$   extspec = ""
+$   idx = 0
+$ replace:
+$   before = F$ELEMENT(idx, "-", xxx)
+$   IF before .EQS. "-" THEN goto end_replace
+$   IF extspec .NES. "" 
+$   THEN
+$	extspec = extspec + "/"
+$   ENDIF
+$   extspec = extspec + before
+$   idx = idx + 1
+$   goto replace
+$ end_replace:
 $   known_extensions = known_extensions + " ''extspec'"
 $   goto ext_loop

(hmm, should there be some more C<DELETE/SYMBOL>s afterwards to clean up?)

If you're able to get the VMS configure system to use, and to cope
with the "flat" format of ext/Data-Dumper, then it opens the path to the next
steps in my plan:

5: Rename the directories in ext/ to that format, so that ext/ is flat, with
   all extensions at the top level
6: Simplify all the ext scanning code - no need to recurse directories, no
   need to limit the depth to 10 to avoid infinite symlink loops, no need for
   special cases for ext/threads/shared and ext/Hash/Util

At this point there is a one to one mapping between extensions and directories
in ext. Every directory there is an extension. So

7: Add logic to to write a Makefile.PL automatically for any
   directory in ext/ that doesn't have one. (and clean it up at the end)
8: Start moving dual life modules from lib/ to ext/

(I should add that for step 8, I envisage laying each out in ext/ identically
to how its CPAN distribution is laid out. Which should reduce the insanity)

Nicholas Clark

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