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[perl #61372] Configure error in Perl 5.10 need help - Vikas Babajiyavar

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December 15, 2008 09:10
[perl #61372] Configure error in Perl 5.10 need help - Vikas Babajiyavar
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My name is Vikas Babajiyavar. 
I wish to learn Perl programming on System76 Laptop.
I am getting following error in Ubuntu Linux 8.10 operating system for Perl 5.10 version.

Looking for extensions...
A number of extensions are supplied with perl5.  You may choose to
compile these extensions for dynamic loading (the default), compile
them into the perl5 executable (static loading), or not include
them at all.  Answer "none" to include no extensions.
Note that DynaLoader is always built and need not be mentioned here.

NOTICE:  Your previous list may be incorrect.
The extensions now available to you are
    B Compress/Raw/Zlib Cwd Data/Dumper Devel/DProf Devel/PPPort Devel/Peek Digest/MD5 Digest/SHA Encode Fcntl File/Glob Filter/Util/Call Hash/Util I18N/Langinfo IO IPC/SysV List/Util MIME/Base64 Math/BigInt/FastCalc Opcode POSIX PerlIO/encoding PerlIO/scalar PerlIO/via SDBM_File Socket Storable Sys/Hostname Sys/Syslog Text/Soundex Time/HiRes Time/Piece Unicode/Normalize XS/APItest XS/Typemap attrs re threads threads/shared Hash/Util/FieldHash

What extensions do you wish to load dynamically? [ ] none
What extensions do you wish to load statically? [?] ?
WARNING: Extensions DB_File or *DBM_File, Fcntl, and IO not configured.
WARNING: The Perl you are building will be quite crippled.

End of configuration questions.
Please help to resolve this error ASAP.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


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