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Re: PATCH [perl #59342] chr(0400) =~ /\400/ fails for >= 400

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Tom Christiansen
November 15, 2008 16:12
Re: PATCH [perl #59342] chr(0400) =~ /\400/ fails for >= 400
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Chip wrote:

> Ah, but you neither had to read nor maintain, only regenerate.  That's a
> fine model; it's more like a compiler, with debugging of its output only an
> occasional burden.  Code-generation wizards, on the other hand, which
> require you to own and maintain their output ... they are the creation of
> somebody kinda like Satan.  Only evil.

[WARNING: off topic]

For numerical analysis, we *had* to use FORTRAN.  I hated it.

But I had my revenge.

See, I talked the prof into letting me use Ratfor, a pre-processor
that allowed C-like syntax and linked to libc for printf etc.

However, as his TAs knew only FORTRAN, not C, they insisted on the 
post-processed output turned in instead.  I therefore complied.

Boy, they really hated me. :-)

I've similar stories in my undergrad compiler-class with lex and yacc,
since I already knew them long before taking that class (nor were they
even covered in that class).

Again, TAs gnashed their teeth, but the profs thought it neat
that I used these "advanced tools" to get my work done.  

Actually, it's worse than that.

I wrote awk programs that wrote lex programs to generate the state tables
needed for the larger C programs we had to do.  So it was these DOUBLY-meta-
programmed outputs that the TAs received as part of the larger C programs.  
They quickly gave up trying to understand them, and just put top marks on
them provided they passed the test suites.

I think these would count as "evil" to you, eh, Chip? :-)

As a precocious undergrad (moi?), I never did get on well with the boring
dumb TAs, who weren't bright enough to score RAships.  The profs were
cool, though.  As a grad student, I didn't have to suffer being a TA
myself (I was a PA, and got to run the dept computers instead), but I did
have to suffer their dullness of lightbulbery.  An advanced degree is no
guarantee of any sense or skill or experience, especially but not uniquely
at the MS level.  Give me experience over paper any day.


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