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proposed pragma/module 'ensure' -- guidance sought re name

Chris Hall
August 26, 2008 04:19
proposed pragma/module 'ensure' -- guidance sought re name
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I got very tired of being bitten, at run-time (yikes!), by undefined 
subroutine errors -- either simple spellinge errors or even subroutines 
I'd not got round to writing, yet.


I have a small module which scans the symbol table (in a CHECK block) 
for names with no defined part -- which generally means undefined 
subroutines.  [Sadly, a defined scalar/array/hash can mask an undefined 
subroutine of the same name -- suggestions for improvement gratefully 

Because Exporter::import generates apparently defined subroutines (and 
other stuff) for names which are exported, this pragma/module provides 
ensure::import, which checks things before passing the imports to 

Any package, including main, which uses this pragma/module is checked -- 
other packages are ignored.

Packages which 'use ensure' can 'no ensure ....' anything which is not 
expected to be defined when the checks run.

'use ensure' is a drop in replacement for 'use Exporter qw(import)'.

It also implements some extensions to import/export:

   (a) use xxx qw(:NONE) -- invokes xxx::import, but imports nothing,

   (b) use yyy qw(:ALL)  -- imports everything in @EXPORT and @EXPORT_OK

   (c) 'IMPLICIT' tag in %EXPORT_TAGS -- anything in this tag is exported
       when 'use zzz qw(foo bar ...)'.

These are not essential to the main purpose of the pragma/module, but 
fit happily because it's necessary to intercept Exporter::import.

I have prepared this for CPAN, see:


I have consulted comp.lang.perl.modules.  I have been advised that:

   1. this is more a pragma than a module.

   2. that I should consult this forum on the topic of pragma and the
      naming of pragma.

So, all comments and guidance gratefully received, before I upload to 


FWIW, I feel that 'use strict' could be extended to do this, and 
probably do it better.  But, in the meantime I have found this useful.

I found B::Lint.  The advantage this pragma/module has is that it lives 
permanently with each package, same like 'use strict'.  (It is also more 


Stuff which is expected to be satisfied by AUTOLOAD can be declared 'no 
ensure'.  I wonder if it would be possible/useful to be able to declare 
stuff which is to be AUTOLOADed and cross-check at compile-time ?

Also: sadly, this doesn't help with undefined class/object methods, 
which is a much harder problem.  I wonder whether a variable attribute, 

   my $object : CLASS ;

could be used, fairly straightforwardly, to trigger a compile-time check 


can be resolved.

Mind you, I imagine that 'my $object = new CLASS ....' is so common that 
such a check could deduce the class of many objects.  But static 
analysis like this may be tricky !
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