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Re: Fighting the Good Fight against spam deluge

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Tom Christiansen
August 4, 2008 09:30
Re: Fighting the Good Fight against spam deluge
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>[Quoting Roland Giersig, on August 4 2008, 12:23, in "Re: Fighting the Goo"]

>> I was thinking along the lines:
>>   package Iterator::Diamond;
>>   @ISA = qw(Iterator::Files);

> Yes, that's what I'm thinking, too. BTW, would
> Iterator::FileList be a better name?

Hm, isn't *this* a filename iterator:

    # run in perl source tree
    while (<*.{[chy],sh,pl}>) {say} 

But then what could we call this from yesterday?

    while ( < {A,a,B,b,C,c,D}_{prints,return} > ) { 
	next unless defined &$_  ; # XXX
	print          "sub &$_ ";
	if    (/ret/) { print "returns ", &{\&$_} }
	elsif (/pri/) { print "prints  "; &{\&$_} }
	else          { die   "XXX  XXX";         } 
    } continue {
	print "\n";

The first one iterates only on filenames that exist (and 
it processes them only semi-alphabetically, stepping through
the {,,} lists sequentially).

The second, having no wildcards (including square brackets),
iterates across a list of strings, which have no relation to 
filenames at all.  I guess it's... a string iterator?  
It's really convenient at times is all I know.


*Surely* more folks--besides Jos Boumans and me--use that
lovely little perliciousness! :-)

>>   # deal with ARGV, <> overloading, etc here

>That might be less trivial, but worth trying.

I wonder if people just want to be able to add

    perl -MSome::Module -pe  '....'

and get (or not get) the special processing.  Front-end 
A::B::Simple::XXX modules might, for various settings of XXX, 
put @ARGV into 2- or 3-arg open mode, or even also some of 
them prerun the map{}s for getting @ARGV tidied up to handle 
.gz files or URL GETs.

Actually, that's long to type.  Maybe not multiple modules,
but imports?

    perl -MSome::Module=gzip,url -pe  '....'


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