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RE: [perl #50856] Bug fix in malloc.c

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Noyes, Mark
July 15, 2008 07:52
RE: [perl #50856] Bug fix in malloc.c
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I would like to be able to supply a test case, but this bug is not easy
to replicate, as it depends on a bunch of enviornmental factors.  I will
try to describe the scenario it which it occurs, in case that helps. 

We would occasionally encounter cases when a customer would attempt to
use our product and the perl code would crash with a SEGV or Bus Error
repeatedly, until the shell environment was changed somewhat.  We
eventually determined that the following sequence of events were

During program initialization, the perl interpreter calls Perl_malloc
for an SV which will later grow.  Next, a perl module is loaded that has
a DLL with initialization code.  That initialization code calls the libc
malloc() or other code which causes an sbrk() to occur where the brk
increase is not a multiple of NEEDED_ALIGNMENT.  After the DLL is
loaded, the perl interpreter attempts to do an sv_grow on the
allocation, and since the allocation being grown is the most recent
allocation (last_op), Perl_realloc will call getpages_adjacent to
attempt to extend the allocation cheaply.  In getpages_adjacent(), we
find that there are not enough left-over bytes from the prior sbrk to
satisfy the re-allocation, so sbrk is called again to attempt to extend
the prior allocation.  However, because the loaded dll called sbrk(),
the program brk had changed and so Perl_realloc attempts to return the
sbrk'd memory to the memory pool.  Because the DLL did not sbrk an
integral multiple of NEEDED_ALIGNMENT, the new memory is not

I don't remember exactly what happens from there, but I believe that the
chained memory gets used and then freed, at which point the TWOK_MASKED
macro finds the wrong "start of chunk" and reports wrong chunk size for
the chunk and it's downhill from there.

So how do I know that this change fixed the problem without a
reproducible test case?  In addition to code inspection, I temporarily
added some debug logging to note when the corrected code path was
encountered to be sure that the corrected code was being used.  The
corrected version has been in use for months without a recurrence of the

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Subject: [perl #50856] Bug fix in malloc.c 

On Thu Feb 14 08:03:37 2008, wrote:
> Below is a diff to malloc.c, in use in perl 5.6.1 and 5.8.8 that
> a
> memory management bug in getpages_adjacent() that was encountered
> running perl in a multi-threaded environment on Solaris.  This change 
> is essentially a replication of code from getpages().  The #if 1 
> conditional is provided solely to highlight the change.

Thank you for your bug report and your patch.

Would it be possible to supply some sample code which shows the problem?
(so that maybe a test can be added for it)

Kind regards,


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