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[perl #51370] length($@)>0 for empty $@ if utf8 is in use

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Bram via RT
June 11, 2008 05:35
[perl #51370] length($@)>0 for empty $@ if utf8 is in use
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On Mon Mar 03 06:41:54 2008, wrote:
> Perl seems to cache character length of scalars, but in case of $@
> it does not reset it after a successfull eval. Here is an example.
> The following is reproducible with 5.10.0 and also on 5.8.8 (didn't
> try other releases):
> perl -MCarp -e 'use utf8;  eval { die "\x{10d}"}; length($@); print
> $@; eval { 1 }; print "\$@ is q($@), length(\$@)
> is ".length($@)."\n" '
> The first eval dies and spits a non-ascii character. Then the
> character length of $@ is asked (we are in the scope of the utf8
> pragma).  The returned value (16 in this case) seems to be
> remembered,
> since after a subsequent eval{1} which resets $@ to q(), the
> function
> length($@) still returns 16 (but 0 if asked in the scope of 'use
> byte').
> -----------------------------------------------------------------

Attached are two patches:

- this patch clears all the magic associated with $@,
- has the test of the bug report
- scrapes the output of Devel::Peek::Dump at the start and compares it 
again after two evals (one that fails and one that succeeds).


In the thread (Clearing magic) Nicholas said:
To my mind, making them all *_mg seems right, as it would trigger any 
set magic on ERRSV.

Although (I think) that this would allow rather sick things like tie $@ 
to work.

- this patch changes most of them (not sure if I got them all) into _mg
- has the test of the bug report
- does a tie on $@ and checks if STORE gets called. 

Only one of the two patches has to be applied...

Kind regards,


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