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Re: [perl #55008] help - initial make failing, but don't know why

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Andy Dougherty
May 29, 2008 10:39
Re: [perl #55008] help - initial make failing, but don't know why
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On Thu, 29 May 2008, Steve Michel wrote:

> sh /plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/tgz/AP820_source/Configure
> -Dmksymlinks -Uloclibpth -Duselargefiles -Uinstallusrbinperl -Ud_sigsetjmp
> -Dusethreads -Duseithreads -Ulocincpth -Uversion
> -Dprefix=/plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/pub/macos
> -Dbin=/plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/pub/macos/bin
> -Dscriptbin=/plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/pub/macos/bin
> -Dsitebin=/plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/pub/macos/bin
> -Dsitescriptbin=/plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/pub/macos/bin
> -Dsitelib=/plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/pub/macos/site/lib
> -Dsitearch=/plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/pub/macos/site/lib
> -Darchlib=/plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/pub/macos/lib
> -Dprivlib=/plm/cinas/chucktestshare2/perl.d/pub/macos/lib -Darchname=macos
> -Dusemultiplicity -Duseperlio -Dcc=/usr/bin/cc

I don't think this relates to the particular problem you're having, but
I feel I ought to point out that some of those Configure arguments
are probably not doing what you want them to do.

>                                        -Uversion

This doesn't do anything.  version is the perl version number, probably
5.8.8 in your case.  Configure doesn't allow you to undefine it.


None of these do anything useful.  More specifically, they are defining
Configure shell variables named 'INST_VER', 'USE_SITECUST', 'MULTI',
etc.  If you actually wanted to set flags for the C compiler, see the section

    =head2 Altering Configure variables for C compiler switches etc.

in the INSTALL file.

Instead of USE_SITECUST, you should use the Configure variable instead.
See the section

    =item usesitecustomize

in the INSTALL file.

I don't know what -DMULTI is intending to do.  There is no MULTI 
C preprocessor symbol.

It's not necessary to add -DUSE_ITHERADS, -DUSE_PERLIO, or
-DUSE_LARGE_FILES to the ccflags; calling the correct Configure
variables (namely -Duseithreads, -Duseperlio, and -Duselargefiles) already
handles that automatically through config.h.

I don't know what -DIMP_SYS was intended to do.  There is no IMP_SYS
C preprocessor symbol.

I don't know what -DCRYPT_SRC was intended to do.  There is no CRYPT_SRC
C preprocessor symbol.

NO_HASH_SEED is indeed a valid preprocessor symbol; I don't know why you
want it, but you'll have to use the -Accflags trick to actually
have it do anything.

The addition of -DPERL_DARWIN to the ccflags is already handled
automatically by the hints/ file, so you actually don't need
that either.

Anyway, there are just a few minor details to help you get Configure to
do what you actually want.

    Andy Dougherty

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