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[Vienna-pm] TodoTracker - get money for fixing TODO tests

Nicholas Clark
April 2, 2008 16:09
[Vienna-pm] TodoTracker - get money for fixing TODO tests
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So, after a bit of a delay,* have their TODO test bounty management
system up. This is good (or at least I think that it is), but then again I'm
biased because it's based on my idea. :-)

How they're going to work it is detailed here:

It's somewhat a variant from the original plan I had, and I hope we can get
running in steady state if this one works, because here donate the
money for the bounties, rather than the people wanting the bounty fixed. But...

Key thing is that it requires TODO tests that people want fixing.

So, it would be useful if people could either

1: Identify existing TODO tests in the Perl 5 core test suite that they think
   are important to resolve

2: Identify existing bugs (or missing features) in Perl 5, and write and
   submit TODO tests that accurately specify the desired behaviour

For now I'll assume that "Project maintainers submit links" means "a consensus
between people with perforce commit rights" and then "muggins does it".

Inevitably there will also be a meta-discussion about the plan.

Yes, it's not a 100% solution. It's not intended to be. It doesn't cover
documentation, or anything else that can't be specified without a TODO test.
Nothing stops anyone contracting directly with someone else to fix that.

No, it doesn't cover the cost of writing the TODO test.
Nothing stops anyone contracting directly with someone else to write the test.

What it does give is a way of addressing about 80% of bugs, mostly automated,
and adding approximately zero overhead to the existing volunteer core
maintainers, and avoiding any qualitative wrangling about what the spec is,
why the implementation isn't what was actually desired, or other attempts at
moving or redescribing goalposts.

All bikesheds are to be orange.

Announcement appended, in case you've not read it somewhere else.

Nicholas Clark

* Those fine people who are also sponsoring the weekly summaries.
  If everyone goes to YAPC::EU this year too, maybe Copenhagen will make
  a similar surplus and put it to good use:

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Subject: [Vienna-pm] TodoTracker - get money for fixing TODO tests


It took a bit (ok, a lot) longer than planned, but [0] is proud to
annouce the first working prototype of the Management System for TODO Test
Bounties (aka Todo Tracker) as part of the Winter^WSpring of
Code [1]:>

If you're a maintainer of a Perl project and have something that needs doing
head to the the Todo Tracker and enter a TODO test for your project.
will review all submitted Todo tests. Accepted Todos will be published so that
people willing to implement the features / fix the bugs can apply to do them.
Providing the project maintainers agree, the implementor gets some time to do
his/her work and will hopefully come back with a result that fulfils the test
stated with the project. When this is done and the project maintainers verify
that their Todo is fixed, pays the specified amount into the
implementor's bank account.

The TODO Tracker was implemented by Matt S Trout, who donated the €1,000
earmarked for the development back into the TODO Budget for Catalyst and DBIC
related projects. It is still a bit work in progress, but we want to go ahead
before this turns into a Summer of Code... plans to spend up to €4,000, plus €1,000 more for Catalyst /
DBIx::Class projects. We would again like to thank all Sponsors and Attendees
of YAPC::Europe 2007 [2] who made this project possible by making the YAPC such
a big success.

You can find more information on how this project works in our wiki [3].

If you have any questions, suggestions or bug-reports, please send them to, where a friendly RT will record them.


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