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Re: 5.11 (or 12) and strict

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Gerard Goossen
January 9, 2008 06:42
Re: 5.11 (or 12) and strict
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On Thu, Dec 27, 2007 at 08:41:19PM -0800, Michael G Schwern wrote:
(yes, I am a little behind on some things)
> As chromatic has been (pointing|jabbing) out, lots of language
> decisions
> amount to stylistic decisions. 

How nice a quiz :)

> Are variables case-sensitive?

No, this would be bad with respect to internationalisation.

> Do they have a limit?  


> What character set can you use?  

perl5: character set? Not sure there is a coherent concept of
character set in Perl 5. Maybe it would be non-negative integers, but
to call that a "character set".
kurila: Unicode

> Are we going to allow goto LABEL?

perl5: sure, you can go about anywhere.
kurila todo: only to exit scopes, you can't enter new ones

> What about do/while loops?


>  Ternary operators? [1]


>  C or iterator style for loops?

perl5: Yes.
kurila: They will probably be removed.

>  Do you need a semicolon at the end of every statement?

Maybe. Probably Yes, but it might be put there by the

>  Are class names case sensitive?

No, like case-sensitive variables.

>  Do we use a . or -> for method calls?

Perl 5: ->
Kurila: Might be changes to '.'

> Do we allow OO?

What part of OO? Inheritance? Modularity?

>  Function references?

Of course.

>  Post-compile time code modification?

This depends on what you call code modification. Is having a dynamic
dispatch code modification?

>  Is everything an object?

Perl5: No
Kurila: No.

>  Is there a type system?

Perl5: ?, we now how "first class" regexs. I would say that $var and
@var have different types. But things mostly can be anything.

>  Do you have to manually cast between types?

>  Do strings interpolate?

Don't you mean "do quotes interpolate a string"?

>  What do they interpolate?

> What are the core data types?

Perl5: There is of course the SvTYPE, but that one is as good as
useless. ref $var is giving back something, maybe those are the core
data types. But honestly I don't really know.
Kurila: Probably gonna be: PLAINVALUE, REF, CODE, ARRAY, HASH, OBJECT,

>  Are strings arrays of characters?

Perl5: No, but strings are sequences of non-negative integers.
Kurila: No, strings are memory, which might be interpreted as array of
characters (but the regex engine is one of the few things who should
about that).

>  Are hashes a basic data type or maybe trees instead?

Ignoring the question of what is a "basic data type". Yes,
hashes are a basic data type.

>  Are we putting regexes into the language?  How deeply
> tied in?

Yes, very deeply.

> Do variables need to be declared?

Perl5: Sometimes.
Kurila: Sometimes, probably changed to always.

>  Can I reference a variable by name using another variable?

If the name is register in the symbol table, or somewhere else.

>  Do I have to declare a subroutine before I use it as a bareword?

perl5: Sometimes.
kurila: Should become yes (or might be should be resolved during the
end of the compilation unit).

> [...]

Gerard Goossen
TTY Internet Solutions

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