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How to load a "loadable object" that has a non-default file extension ?

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December 14, 2007 09:53
How to load a "loadable object" that has a non-default file extension ?
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On Win32, I can control the file extension that's given to the loadable 
object when building a module (extension).

In the Makefile.PL it's just a matter of:

WriteMakefile (
  DLEXT => 'my_ext',

And then, if I'm building an extension called MYMOD, instead of getting a 
MYMOD.dll, I get a MYMOD.my_ext. (No problems to this stage - even on 5.10, 
the loadable object that's built is called MYMOD.my_ext.)

To load the loadable object (and this is where the problem lies), it's then 
necessary to first let DynaLoader know that it needs to load MYMOD.my_ext 
instead of the more usual (default) MYMOD.dll.
I've been doing this by overwriting $DynaLoader::dl_dlext in before 
calling bootstrap:

local $DynaLoader::dl_dlext = 'my_ext';
bootstrap MYMOD $VERSION;

And that all works fine in perl 5.8 and perl 5.6.

But in perl 5.10, DynaLoader croaks with "Can't locate loadable object for 
module MYMOD in @INC (@INC contains: .....". I suspect the value assigned to 
$DynaLoader::dl_dlext is not even being looked at - and DynaLoader is trying 
to load (the non-existent) MYMOD.dll .
(Was this change to DynaLoader intentional?)

By way of explanation - on Win32 we need to do something like this if we 
want to build, eg, the PGPLOT module against (the C library) pgplot.dll.
Othwerwise Win32 seemingly fails to differentiate between the perl dll 
(PGPLOT.dll) and the C library dll (pgplot.dll) - and inevitably looks for 
"entry points" in the wrong dll, croaking when they're not found.
If you look at the PGPLOT-2.20 source, you'll see that the Makefile.PL sets 
DLEXT to 'xs.dll' iff the OS is Win32 .... and in 
$DynaLoader::dl_dlext is overwritten to 'xs.dll' iff the OS is Win32.
No problems with 5.6 and 5.8 where it works fine - but what's the best way 
to get it working on 5.10 ?


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