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New M::B beta on CPAN

Ken Williams
October 24, 2007 10:14
New M::B beta on CPAN
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The uploaded file


has entered CPAN as

   file: $CPAN/authors/id/K/KW/KWILLIAMS/Module-Build-0.2808_01.tar.gz
   size: 203445 bytes
    md5: d272b213e748a9c70990df37b7e8cee4

I posted this for some formal beta testing, with an eye toward  
synchronizing with the code freeze process for perl 5.10.  As of  
right now, M::B in blead is a mishmash of 0.2808 and some patches  
from various people.  I would like 0.2809 to be what ships with 5.10  
if possible so that it coordinates well with the CPAN release.

If there are any important bugs we need to fix before calling this  
0.2809, please inform.

As luck would have it, I just had my appendix removed, so I've got a  
couple recovery days where I can do patches etc.

There are plenty of changes since version 0.2808, see below.


0.2808_01 - Wed Oct 24 11:51:25 2007

  - All .pm files in the Module-Build distribution (except for, which is kind of tied to now have the
    same $VERSION number explicitly specified.

  - When checking prerequisites, the required version of perl is now
    checked before we start finding the $VERSION declaration of the
    distribution, which results in much more intuitive error messages
    e.g. if the author is using 5.6-isms in their declaration but the
    user doesn't have 5.6. [Slaven Rezic]

  - Added 'artistic_2' license, corrected 'lgpl' license url (bug  
    [David Thomas]

  - VMS find_perl_interpreter() is just $^X (bug #29810) [Craig A.  

  - Some large VMS fixes, mostly having to do with the non-case-
    preserving nature of most VMS filesystems, but also correcting for
    illegal characters in VMS file specs. [John E. Malmberg and Craig
    A. Berry]

  - Fixed the _detildefy() method on VMS. [John E. Malmberg and Craig
    A. Berry]

  - We now use a much more reliable method when Data::Dumper-ing saved
    state data. [Yves]

  - When a module had 0.000 as its version, a few places in the code
    thought the module had no version at all.  This is now
    fixed. [Andrew "Zefram" Main]

  - When finding the default set of script_files, we now compute them
    as relative paths, not absolute. [Spotted by Curtis "Ovid" Poe]

  - Got rid of a call to eliminate_macros, which isn't needed in
    Module::Build since there is no external make utility involved.
    Override expand_test_dir to make up for the fact that the
    home-grown glob() returns absolute, not relative, paths. [Craig
    A. Berry]

  - Fixed a catdir() that needed to be catfile() in the .packlist
    creation code. [John E. Malmberg]

  - If a *.PL file ended abnormally during the build, processing should
    have stopped, but it didn't.  Fixed. [Matthew Cast and David

  - Module::Build::Compat adds "require 5.XXXXX" to Makefile.PL when
    'perl' is specified as a 'requires' prerequisite [David Golden]

  - Refactored t/compat.t for modularity and transparency; added
    labels for all tests; supressed subprocess output to
    STDOUT and STDERR [David Golden]

  - Fixed bug in perl_version_to_float when version is already a float
    [David Golden]

  - Removed a mention of $build->{config} from the documentation, the
    official interface to settings is now via the
    $build->config() and has been for some time. [Suggested by Michael

  - Tweaked some text in the Cookbook to bring it into the modern age,
    and added a recipe for accessing settings. [Ibid]

  - Lots of POD link/readability improvements to the Module::Build::API
    documentation [Salve J. Nilsen]

  - Added configure_requires as a new type of prereq.  [Suggested by  

  - Patch 31156 from bleadperl: some filename dot and extension help
    for Module::Build on VMS. [Craig Berry]

  - Reworked the _detildefy() method so it doesn't depend on glob()
    anymore.  This gets rid of a problem with spaces or other special
    shell characters in things like 'prefix' or 'install_path'
    entries. [Prodding by Eric Wilhelm]

  - Added midnightbsd to the list of Unix-like OSes we know about
    [Rafael Garcia-Suarez] Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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