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Re: Proposed changes and to regular expression interfaces in core

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April 10, 2007 10:34
Re: Proposed changes and to regular expression interfaces in core
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Moin Ævar,

On Tuesday 10 April 2007 04:14:19 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:
> This incomplete patch shows the direction I'm going with this.
> I added two new callbacks for numbered capture vars and gave the
> existing one a new name. Now there's store/fetch/length for $1 where
> store croaks if assigned to. This means that one can write engines
> where C<$1 = "one"> works as expected (depending on what you expect of
> course). The logic in Perl_magic_len() was moved to a `length'
> callaback that can be overridden.
> I've also added callbacks to allow the regexp engine itself to
> implement a tie interface for %+ and %-. These aren't working at the
> moment but when they are the code that's currently in
> and universal.c will be part of the regex engine.
> I'm going to polish the interface a little, like putting all the
> named/numbered callacks in their own struct and make that a member of
> the regexp_engine struct. That way other engines can just drop in a
> macro to use the default behavior. The protototypes on the callbacks
> also need some going over, and I have to look better at magic hashes
> so that I can get %+ and %- to work properly like $1 et al.
> But once this is all done there should be a pretty sane regex api in
> core that re::engine::Plugin and others can target. Comments?:)

I can't comment much on this (I bet in a few years we know better :), 
however I would like to ask you to consider not to use too-strict 

For instance, exp() expects *exactly* one argument, so even when you 
overload exp(), you cannot do:


which is a limitation in the interface. Not sure if this applies to your 
work, but please consider that a future use might use more parameters :)

all the best,


PS: good work!

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