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Jos I. Boumans
April 2, 2007 00:22
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yesterday I've uploaded a new stable version of CPANPLUS to CPAN,
after several development versions to iron out the last known issues
and bugs.

So far the smoke tests are all clear, and if it remains this way, this
is the version of CPANPLUS to be integrated with the core; I've already
run integration runs, and all tests pass cleanly against recent  

After CPANPLUS is integrated, we only lack CPANPLUS::Dist::Build for
complete module::build support in the core, which Ken and I will of  
take care of.

For completeness sake, here's the changelog since the last stable  

Changes for 0.78        Sat Mar 31 18:26:13 CEST 2007
* Promote 0.77_07 to stable
* Update license & contact information
* Make sure we don't install 'cpanp-boxed' when running
   'make install'.
* Update bundled version of Module::Install
* Set install target to 'perl' for perl5.9.5 and higher

Changes for 0.77_07     Fri Mar 23 17:19:07 CET 2007
* Smoke test revealed issue that PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_VERSION
   may not be formatted identically as $CPANPLUS::VERSION
   if certain versions of '' are loaded. This is
   now addressed.
* Tests for CPANPLUS::Dist::MM would fail on Win32 if the
   path to the Makefile.PL contains spaces. This is now
   addressed by calling Win32::GetShortPathName() if run
   on Win32.

Changes for 0.77_06     Fri Mar 23 13:29:54 CET 2007
* Various test reporting fixes;
   * Add the leading '!' to missing prereqs, inspired by CPAN::Reporter
   * Address bug #25327: do not count as FAIL modules where prereqs are
	not filled. Now, when tests fail and:
     * version of prereqs installed is too low, send NA
	* prereq is not available on CPAN, send NA
* Address: #25410: cpan2dist needs posibility for passing arbitary
   parameters to $obj->install; cpan2dist now accepts --dist-opts  
* Add PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_VERSION as environment variable. It's set to
   the version of CPANPLUS running. Requested by Adam Kennedy  
* Last statement evaluated in a Makefile.PL may be undef -- so don't die
   on that case in cpanp-run-perl
* Some users add '.pm' to their package tarballs. fix the package
   string parser to recognize this and deal with it.
* Address #25038 (Wrong platforms for MSDOS) and actually
   test modules in the MSDOS:: namespace on dos|os2|MSWin32|cygwin

Changes for 0.77_05     Sun Feb 25 17:17:44 CET 2007
* Set $ENV{PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_EXECUTING} to the full path of the
   Makefile.PL file when running 'perl Makefile.PL'.
   Requested by Adam Kennedy <>.

Changes for 0.77_04     Mon Feb 19 08:05:52 CET 2007
* CPAN testers reported test counter mismatches when test reporting
   was enabled vs disabled. This is purely a test counter issue. No
   functional code has been replaced.
   If you have installed 0.77_03, there is no need to upgrade to

Changes for 0.77_03     Sun Feb 18 17:35:12 CET 2007
* Rework the parse_module code; regex is more complex, but also more  
* Allow for more lenient parsing of module names, when the module name
   and package name do not match
* Extend parse_module documentation to include URI
* Patch>package_name regex to also parse 'perl5.6.1' style  
* The package_[name, version, extension] subroutines are also reworked
   and use the same regular expression as parse_module does now
* Add 'name' to the list of accessors returned by $mod->accessors (it's
   an alias to ->module)
* 'installsiteman3dir' is a 5.8'ism which causes warnings under 5.6
   so only check it if it is defined
* Add the version number to the install log file name
* Add "rescan" option to $conf->init to re-check your path for valid
   CPANPLUS::Config::* files
* Warn if you're using the old "PERL5_CPANPLUS_CONFIG" env var to point
   to specific config files ( rt #23721 )
* Make $conf->save return the file name it saved to
* Apply the suggested patch from Grant Mclean that calls $cb->flush(lib)
   just before 'make install' is called, so the blib/ dir is no  
longer at
   the front of the path. XML::SAX was writing a file dynamically  
based on
* address RT #22962 Funky error messages when command-line args are  
   the default shell now has increased parsing logic
* The check to see if the 'storable' feature was enabled was faulty.  
   has now been fixed.
* Use the full path to a module's Makefile.PL when installing a  
module, so
   we don't pick up another Makefile.PL that happens to be in your  
@INC path.
* No longer use can_run() to find cpanp-run-perl, as it's not an  
   Scan path manually in CPANPLUS::Config.
* Document details() items properly
* Show installed file in the details section
* Fix documentation error for $cb->_home_dir (#rt 23196)
* Log which configs are loaded at startup time; The shell default's  
   shows you how to view these logs.
* Make /showtips a plugin command
* Extend CPANPLUS::Shell::Default synopsis with --xxx style options
* Move to dummy modules for our tests, rather than bundled real modules.
* All .t files now use t/inc/ exclusively for changes in the
   PATH/ENV/etc settings. This fix allows CPANPLUS to test cleanly with
   bleadperl (5.9.5)
* Clean up the .cpanplus dir in the dummy-cpanplus directory at the
   start of every test to make sure we're running with a clean cache
* Test fixes for Win32
* Disable IPC::Run on Win32 during 'make test'. IPC::Run gets unhappy
   about having 'odd' FDs allocated to it under Win32.
* Update bundled modules
* update bundled modules, includes for the first time
* Add realclean targets for our dummy perl directory

Changes for 0.077_02    Fri Oct 20 15:28:22 CEST 2006
* Implemented selfupdate functionality. You can use
   's selfupdate' from the default shell. This will also
   work for bootstrapping purposes
* Hints to use 'Bundle::CPANPLUS::Dependencies' have
   been removed in favour of 's selfupdate'
* The default shell now shows tips at start up
* Dont throw an error if a core module has the same
   version as it's duallifed counterpart on CPAN --
   we can still install from CPAN
* Update bundled modules
* Remove cpanplus inc dir from @INC once we dispatch to
   cpanp from cpanp-boxed
* Depend on newer versions of Object::Accessor and IPC::Cmd

	Jos Boumans
	"Never ask a man what computer he uses. If it's a Mac, he'll
	tell you. If it's not, why embarrass him?" - Tom Clancy


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