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Re: Proposed changes and to regular expression interfaces in core

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Rafael Garcia-Suarez
March 29, 2007 01:12
Re: Proposed changes and to regular expression interfaces in core
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On 29/03/07, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <> wrote:
> == The package qr// is blessed into
> I've already submitted a patch that allows the user to change this via
> %^H, however as dmq pointed out it should be done via a regexp
> callback function since it's engine specific:
>     SV * Perl_reg_qr_package(pTHX_ const REGEXP * const rx) {
>         return newSVpvs("Regexp");
>     }
> This callback would then be called by Perl_pp_qr to figure out what
> package it should bless a C<< qr// >> construct into (after the regex
> is compiled).

Fine. Sounds easy to implement, as well.

> == re::* Functions in universial.c
> universal.c contains functions specific to the perl regex engine,
> these were moved from re.xs as part of change 30517 (
> ) so that miniperl could access them without loading dynamic modules,
> they are used by Tie::Hash::NamedCapture which is called called
> automatically by Perl_gv_fetchpvn_flags when C<< %+ >> and C<< %- >>
> need to be accessed:
>   $ perl5.9.5 -E 'BEGIN { @INC = () } %+'
>   Can't locate Tie/Hash/ in @INC (@INC contains:) at -e line 1.
> Them being in universal.c is not an issue, but rather that any engine
> wishing to alter how named capture buffers work will have perl rx
> engine semantics imposed on it when %+ and %- are accessed. This
> should probably be a callback like the qr// package name.

Fine too. Send patches :)

> Trailing from the issue, but is there any reason for why these
> functions can't be in NamedCapture.xs which would get compiled and the
> resulting object files used for the final (mini)perl
> executable. That's more of a cleanup job, and universial is already a
> bit fat for what it's supposed to do:)

If you figure out how to do it portably... Maybe put them in some new
.c file (regcapt.c ?)

> To trail even further XS(XS_re_is_regexp) Appears to be dead code, was
> used in Tie::Hash::NamedCapture::TIEHASH originally which has since
> been changed not to use it. But I digress, a lot:)
> == Separation of named and numbered match buffers
> The way numbered buffers are currently implemented means I can do (in
> re::engine::Plugin):
>     $re->captures(
>         sub {
>             my ($re, $n) = @_;
>             "Buffer #$n";
>         }
>     );
>     ...
>     $123; # returns "Buffer #123";
> However I've been unable to do the equivalent thing for C<<
> $+{some_name} >> unless I set up the C<< rx->paren_names >> hash in
> advance and mapped to a key or keys by having its value be a IV/PV
> dualvar. However looking at it a bit better now I can't see any reason
> for why that would remain a problem if I can replace %+ and %- as
> defined by Tie::Hash::NamedCapture with by own as discussed above.
> == Other issues?
> None of the wrappers I've written are complete at the moment, I
> recently got s///g almost-working (see re::engine::Plan9 failiures)
> and split /re/, $str; works in none of my modules. However there
> shouldn't be any major major issues left that I haven't discovered.

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