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[ANNOUNCE] Module-Build 0.2807 -> CPAN

Ken Williams
March 24, 2007 20:28
[ANNOUNCE] Module-Build 0.2807 -> CPAN
Message ID:

The uploaded file


has entered CPAN as

   file: $CPAN/authors/id/K/KW/KWILLIAMS/Module-Build-0.2807.tar.gz
   size: 194196 bytes
    md5: 6766157e8f4ae5ce6d58653271c42ad7

Porters: I can supply a patch to upgrade blead assuming no problems  
are found in the next few days.


Changes since 0.2806:

  - When we're protecting the world from the evils of long RedHat
    $ENV{PERL5LIB} variables, don't assume $ENV{PERL5LIB} is already
    defined.  This gets rid of a huge number of warnings for some
    people. [Dave Rolsky]

  - Upgraded to 0.71. [John Peacock]

  - Removed a couple small constructs in the tests ("use warnings;" and
    "qw$foo bar$[1]") that caused test failures under perl 5.005.

  - Added support for an explicit default value of undef in prompt().
    [Eric Wilhelm]

  - Improved our prompt() method, which could sometimes hang before the
    user got a chance to see a prompt. [Andreas Koenig]

  - Added a note about --allow_mb_mismatch to the error message that
    happens right before someone might want to use that parameter.

  - Added DragonflyBSD to the list of known Unix OSes.

  - get_action_docs() dies on error rather than twiddling $@

  - Made ModuleInfo's _evaluate_version_line() compatible with 'use
    version ...$VERSION' lines.  [Eric Wilhelm]

  - Added some verbiage in Module::Build::API that officially blesses
    the _build/prereqs file for external consumption. [Suggested by  
Andreas Koenig]

  - Added test profiles support via the test_types property and  
    target. [Eric Wilhelm, Jeff Lavallee]

  - Use syscopy() on OS/2 in copy_if_modified() so we make sure to
    overwrite any existing target file. [Ilya Zakharevich]

  - Removed seemingly silly '~~' test in t/tilde.t.

  - In our test-time utility library t/lib/, we need to know
    about a few .exe-like extensions on OS/2. [Ilya Zakharevich]

  - In t/ppm.t, use DynaLoader::mod2fname() (if available) to determine
    the correct translation of our test module's name into a DLL
    name. [Ilya Zakharevich]

  - Avoid an unlink() error on OS/2 when fixing shebang lines. [Ilya
    Zakharevich] Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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