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Re: [PATCH] Extend functionality of UNIVERSAL::DOES() so it handles additional roles, and works in subroutine form.

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March 12, 2007 01:29
Re: [PATCH] Extend functionality of UNIVERSAL::DOES() so it handles additional roles, and works in subroutine form.
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On 3/11/07, chromatic <> wrote:
> On Sunday 11 March 2007 12:36, demerphq wrote:
> > > 3) Hiding method calls underneath function calls is a well-established
> > > practice in Perl 5 -- you can see it in such clean and easily maintained
> > > code as the magic system.  Adding a new feature to the core by the way of
> > > a hack seems to go against good design principles.
> > I think its too late for this one. If Perl 5 had a different design it
> > might be worth taking this perspective, but as they say, that horse
> > bolted a long time ago. Why restrict something that goes a long way to
> > cleaning up the mess simply because there is a mess?
> Calling it UNIVERSAL::DOES() -- when DOES() is a method in UNIVERSAL adds to
> the mess.

Saying its a method is just trying to force a world view onto perl 5
that doesnt exist.

> > > I believe the right approach to making ->DOES() work on built-in types is
> > > through autobox.
> > This is a huge change with ramifications far beyond maintaining
> > UNIVERSAL::DOES() as a special method. Theres no way it could happen
> > until long after DOES locks itself into a set of behaviour by being
> > published as part of Perl 5.10. What we dont change before then wont
> > get changes.
> What locked set of behavior?  UNIVERSAL::DOES() right now adds a single method
> with a documented behavior to all classes.  There's no reason that can't
> apply to built-ins in the future.

I guess you might be right since the behaviour would only change with autobox.

But even then it makes my back-compat spidey sense go off.

> > > An alternate approach is to add a does() built-in, like ref() but
> > > actually useful.
> > Thats basically the point of this patch.
> Then it should become a new operator like ref() or err().  UNIVERSAL::DOES()
> is the wrong name.

I disagree.  I think for a lot of reasons UNIVERSAL::DOES() is the
perfect place for this.

Its behaviour that every class should support, with a bit of magic to
make it work properly as a subroutine as well.

And the dereferencibility issue isnt addressed by the current
implementation as my code does. And that surely IS a task that should
be done by DOES.


perl -Mre=debug -e "/just|another|perl|hacker/"

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