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Re: git repository

Sam Vilain
February 7, 2007 11:31
Re: git repository
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Gerard Goossen wrote:
> Cool, I am currently using git to keep track of bleadperl and my branch, but I
> don't have the history, and my method of importing new changes from
> bleadperl is horrible (I often end up doing a rsync to just get all the
> changes).
> Can I get a clone of the repository? I know brances will be rebased etc,
> but it is far far better then what I have now.
> I tried:
> cg-clone git://
> but it only gave:
> defaulting to local storage area
> Fetching pack (head and objects)...
> fatal: unexpected EOF
> cg-fetch: fetching pack failed

Sorry, s{public/}{} on the URL.  My mistake.

Of course it's ancient history :)  Stops at about 5.003_07

In theory the "p4-perl" branch tracks blead.  But, I noticed that after
about 30077 it broke, that's my next thing to look at.  I haven't got it
automatically tracking upstream changes yet, and wasn't really planning
on it until I've got the metadata problem sorted.

I can probably make one that does automatically track recent changes,
but at this point the history will be flat, so a "blame" will normally
stop when it hits integrate changes.

Anyway, like I said, be prepared for 30,000+ commit rebasing, and be
warned that "git-upload-pack" doesn't implement binary search yet.


> Gerard Goossen.
> On Tue, Feb 06, 2007 at 09:35:58PM +1300, Sam Vilain wrote:
>> Nicholas Clark wrote:
>>> There's a lot of things that predate the current maintainers, and many lines
>>> of code that are the (in)famous change 1
>>>     Change 1 by mbeattie@localhost on 1997/03/28 13:17:33
>>>             Perl 5.003 check-in
>> Well, the history at
>> Doesn't suffer from that problem.
>> It's far from complete - there were several old perl releases that
>> weren't available on, and I didn't have the old RCS
>> files that were originally used to maintain the code for more fine
>> grained conversion of the early perls.  Some of the releases didn't ship
>> with per-file change comments, so they become just one revision.  Also,
>> some of the messages in the perl5-porters referred to by Chip's pumpking
>> era don't seem to be in the archives, which is a bit of a shame because
>> the history is much more useful when you get a bit of a story with each
>> commit message.  Although that's not technically in the history of the
>> Perforce repository, it might be good to see which of those changes were
>> merged.
>> I'm currently working on grafting the Perforce history on top of the
>> point where it most cleanly fits, ie the 5.003 release.  You'll see
>> various branches in that repository that capture some of this effort.
>> CONVERSION.  Probably only the "restorical" branch won't change enough
>> to worry about from now, unless I get a significant new source of
>> revision information.
>> See also
>> I was meaning to get a bit further and announce it, but hidden in an
>> obscure branch of this flamewar will do for now ;)
>> I've still got a bit of cleaning work to do, but I could really do with
>> perforce access, or preferably somebody with the appropriate knowledge
>> to extract all of the integrate / branch information from the repository
>> and give it to me in some easily mungable form.  Actually the
>> information is mostly there in the commit messages, and it would
>> probably be good to go through the process of reverse engineering the
>> merge information from the commit log messages and comparing it to the
>> metadata - often the metadata is just as bad or worse than the manually
>> recorded information.
>> Then there will just be the task of making sure that the maintenance
>> scripts work with the repository.
>> And after that people can create their own little feature branches for
>> whatever new features they want and things won't suck.  In fact moving
>> away from the outdated "blead/trunk/feature ghetto" development style
>> would probably be a good idea in general.  Wikis suck even if they track
>> changes atomically over SSL WebDAV.
>> Sam.
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