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Re: Future Perl development

February 6, 2007 03:14
Re: Future Perl development
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On 2/6/07, chromatic <> wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 February 2007 02:11, demerphq wrote:
> > We've already see one contentious feature added to Perl5 purely
> > because Perl6 mandated it, over the strenuous objection of a big chunk
> > of the community.
> Pumpking's rules.  Also Rule #1.  Those have been the rules for some 13 years
> now.

Rules need to evolve and change as the situation changes. As Larry
said, Perl is an adult now. Different rules apply to children than
apply to adults.

> > Unless the community sorts itself out internally about this issue the
> > long run will be that eventually Perl5 will get forked and the leading
> > lights of the Perl6 community will be given no further say.
> Don't I feel enfranchised now.  May I suggest you call it "Onion"?

Shooting the messenger and silencing your critics is not a productive
way to deal with bad news. Totalitarian regimes and absolute dictators
play games like that. There is no room for it in a technical forum
like this.

/I/ am /not/ going to fork Perl5 anytime soon, likely never,
certainly its not on my todo list for the next decade. I'm just
pointing out the obvious, unless our community sorts this schism out
thats whats going to happen. Goosen has already made a first step, and
I know that in private rumblings others have mentioned it as well.  If
Perl5 does get forked I would think very seriously about working on
it. And I don't think im alone.


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