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This Week on perl5-porters (21-27 November 2005)

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November 29, 2005 11:31
This Week on perl5-porters (21-27 November 2005)
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This Week on perl5-porters - 21-27 November 2005

  A quiet week with a bit of action at many corners of Perl development,
  including some shiny new ones like Lamp. Improvement to docs and
  threads on "Switch", "Module::Build" modules are among the discussion

No Brute Force Anymore

  The last summary mentioned bug #37710 about a failed "require"
  succeeding in a second time. Rafael Garcia-Suarez pointed this is
  fixed in bleadperl and Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes noticed the bug goes
  back to 5.6.1 through current maint. Rick Delaney entered the
  discussion to say the fix never made into maint because of the
  introduction of the new semantic that an "undef" value for an entry in
  %INC means the module failed to compile. Rick mumbled on the
  unfortunate passing of the corresponding change to
  "L<perlfunc/require>" which actually shows implementation details in
  blead but not in 5.8.


  Andreas Koenig opened RT ticket #37713 to warn about, which
  fails miserably with modules like "POSIX", "version", and others. Even
  when no opcode restriction is made, examples like the one below fails
  with blead and even worse with 5.8.7.

      perl -le '
       use Safe;
       use Opcode;
       my $comp = Safe->new;
       my $opset = Opcode::full_opset;
       $comp->reval("use version; \$VERSION = qv(q{1.0.3}); print \$VERSION");
       print $@ if $@;
      Undefined subroutine &version::qv called at (eval 2) line 1.

  Yves Orton remembered Tim Bunce declared "" to be a failed
  experiment and wondered which is the current status of the module now
  that Raphael owns it. Rafael answered he continues to fix things,
  backport the changes to CPAN and thought this issue should be fixed.

Linked List of Arenas

  Jim Cromie came back this week to polish its previous RFC patch based
  on Nicholas Clark's feedback. Jim concentrated on the idea of having
  arena-size per sv-type and included comments/docs for posterity, say,
  posterior maintenance. Later, Nicholas Clark pointed some confusion in
  the patch and kept waiting for Jim's answers.

"Pod::Perldoc" and Localized Docs

  Enrico Sorcinelli, one of the authors of "POD2::IT", a project to
  translate Perl man pages into Italian, proposed again a patch against
  "Pod::Perldoc" to support viewing translated pods. Rafael
  Garcia-Suarez applied to bleadperl the patch. Enrico noticed
  "POD2::FR" just started, Portuguese fellows announced "POD2::PT"
  shortly, and there is also a little "POD2::LT" for Lithuanian. This
  may become a trend.

Documentation Conventions

  Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni triggered a discussion asking about the
  convenience of a patch to POD files setting up a consistent pattern in
  the formatting of functions, modules, variables, and others. Andy
  Lester suggested Sébastien to have a go, see the reaction and go from
  there. Rafael Garcia-Suarez and others remembered it could be a good
  idea taking into account the differences in rendering in POD
  formatters, since pod2text (via perldoc), pod2html to the custom
  formatters in sites like and After a
  suggestion by David Landgren, Sébastien's patch which touched
  perlstyle.pod adopted the use of "F<>" for files, "C<>" for generally
  anything that can be considered part of code and "B<>" for command
  names. I think it basically sums up to being simple as POD already is,
  which doesn't preclude POD formatters to be clever and improved. The
  patch was applied after a few minor fixes.

*concat* Misbehavior with Magic

  Michele Dondi opened ticket #37722 to report how weird can be the
  interaction of concat and magic in "tie()"d variables. Robin Houston
  summed it up to the bit of code

        sub TIESCALAR { bless {} }
        sub FETCH { shift()->{i} ++ }
        tie $h, "main";
        print $h.$h;

  which may output "00" rather than "01" and posted a patch. Rafael
  Garcia-Suarez noticed the patch broke the warning test case

      $ ./perl -we '$x.=$x'

  which should report a use of uninitialized value error. On the grounds
  of a comment by Dave Mitchell on Michele's finding, Rafael conceded
  the behavior was not really a bug but the undefined result of
  execution order in expressions involving side-effects. Robin Houston
  insisted it could not be that difficult to fix, and tweaked the patch
  that now provides a left-to-right order on evaluation of
  subexpressions. The change has been applied as #26192.

      Michele's finding
      Robin's approach

Perl on Lamp

  Joshua Juran started a thread by posting some test results from the
  starting Lamp port for perl 5.6.1. Nicholas Clark curiously asked what
  led Joshua to elect 5.6.1 as a departing point rather than 5.6.2 or
  even better 5.8.something. Joshua explained he started working from
  Chris Nandor's MacPerl codebase, which is at 5.6.1 and promised to
  leave 5.6 behind as soon as he gets tests passing, approaching 5.8.x
  or blead. Rafael Garcia-Suarez suggested that, by starting at 5.6.2,
  Joshua's changes could be incorporated in this or in MacPerl branch.
  Joshua pointed that Lamp, a project for a Mac-hosted unix-like
  environment is similar in spirit to Cygwin and will hopefully have
  more in common with standard Perl than with MacPerl.

      Joshua's test results
      The Lamp project URL

Win32 Lean and Mean

  Jan Dubois appreciated the analysis by Thomas Kratz (in ticket #37708)
  about issues with socket-related declarations on Win32 whether
  winsock2.h or winsock.h is included. The problem being that Perl
  compiles using "winsock2.h" but perl.h includes winsock.h leading to
  wrong winsock 1.1 constants and errors due to redefined structs. Jan
  considered the best way to do it, avoiding the breakage of existing
  modules, which may not need to know about this and neither want it.
  H.Merijn Brand applied Jan's patch as change #26189.

"Module::Build" Issues on Win32

  A long thread started with a RT report on problems building
  "PathTools" on Win2K which was forwarded by Ken Williams to the list.
  Yves Orton spotted that it was a "Module::Build" thing, related to the
  fact that you can't unlink a DLL that is loaded into the memory.
  "ExtUtils::MakeMaker" works around the issue because it does the
  install via make so it doesn't need to load anything that it might be
  installing over. Yves suggested "Module::Build" on Win32 should
  produce a Build.bat rather than a Build perl script, which would allow
  a more Unixy behavior. Yves, Ken and Randy Sims discussed some issues
  involving what should force the user to rerun "Build.PL" and, while on
  this, Randy produced a patch to "ExtUtils::CBuilder" to fix an
  encountered issue. The original case was made to work and more
  permanent solutions to "Module::Build" on Win32 should be near
  (besides the recommendation to use another OS).

Fast Unicode with "SWASHGET" in XS

  This week, Sadahiro Tomoyuki thought it would be a good idea to
  speedup the retrieval of Unicode properties and transliterations
  mappings, which was done by the pure perl method SWASHGET. He rewrote
  SWASHGET in XS, which was welcome and commented by Dave Mitchell, Tels
  and Steve Peters. By the end of the week, an improved patch was
  already commited to blead.

Bad "Switch" Boy

  Offer Kaye opened a can of worms when he did the simple question of
  whether the bug #5607 in "Switch" had any chance to be fixed. Ronald
  J. Kimball explained how the issue of an unbalanced "/" causing a
  fatal error under "use Switch" is due to the source filter nature of
  the module and the small probability of a fix due to technical
  constraints. David Landgren pointed Damian's module was always meant
  to be an experiment and not for production purposes. There ensued some
  discussion about the unpredictibility of source-filtered modules, the
  requirements for a module to enter the core and the possibilities of
  doing the opposite, removing a module from core. Ah, and there were
  some advertisement on the DOR operator.

Upgrade to "PathTools" 3.14 in *maint*

  Ken Williams reflected with Nicholas Clark about the alternatives to
  merge "PathTools" 3.14 to maint, after the change that fixed
  "absrel($x, $x)" to return "curdir()" and which is backwards
  incompatible from the point of view of who risked to depend on this
  buggy behavior.

Pipes + Threads Broken in *blead* on VMS

  Craig Berry wrote to say how the simplest command line piping in a
  threaded build of bleadperl on VMS now emits errors:

      $ perl  -e "print 'ok';" | exit
      panic: free from wrong pool.
      panic: free from wrong pool during global destruction.
      %C-F-EBADF, bad file number

  On VMS, command-line piping is implemented by Perl itself, and such
  pipe is opened before any thread context has been initialized. The
  problem is a check to yelp when deallocating from a different thread
  than the one which did the allocation and the no context case actually
  falls into this trap. To Rafael Garcia-Suarez, it looks like this
  check should be bypassed, which can help also applications that embed
  a perl interpreter.

Switch in the Core

  Robin Houston started an effort to implement the "switch" construct in
  core (in manner which is as-compatible-as-possible with by
  Damian Conway) and called for feedback on his initial proposal, with
  replies by Rafael Garcia-Suarez, Dave Mitchel, Nicholas Clark and
  Damian Conway.

Perl5 Bug Summary

  This week started with the count of 1517 open RT tickets.

      Robert Spier and the Bug summary
      Perl RT just now

In Brief

  *valgrind finding from blead* Following on Steve Peters trying to
  guess the source of the leak in a sympathetic bit of code Jarkko
  Hietaniemi posted, Jarkko delved into the gory combination that was
  causing the problem: His latest conclusions point to problems with the
  approach of determining whether $`, $&, $' were found , the
  corresponding "PL_sawampersand" and the eluding problem of how we can
  foresee what eval is going to do to us. With a bit more of
  investigation, Jarkko is yet not convinced he really found the guilty

  *Fighting Compilers Again* Steve Hay reported how change #26152 ("All
  that can be in the first switch statement ofsv_upgrade is now") broke
  the windows build using VC++ 6. Steve and Nicholas Clark worked out a
  fixing change (concerning the use of unary minus to unsigned types),
  which, despite Nicholas' hopes, produces no errors but a bunch of
  warnings in VC++ 6, 7 and Borland.

  *Thread Failures due to Interleaved Output* H.Merijn Brand got fixed a
  problem causing thread failures on AIX (and others) caused by
  interleaved output.

  * "libnet" 1.19 on HP-UX on Perl 5.6.0 * Yves Orton reported how he
  has met with core dumps while building "libnet" 1.19 on HP-UX on Perl
  5.6.0 and asked for any recommendations. H.Merijn Brand brought some
  clues and made a lot of questions to help diagnosing the problem,
  which basically pointed to the non-root status of Yves, missing
  installed patches, and issues with trusted HP-UX systems, the
  beginning of perl 5.6 and outdated software.

      Yves Orton's woes
      Recent perl builds for HP-UX can be found here

  * "GDBM_file" realloc failures * On a threads-enabled perl, Rafael
  Garcia-Suarez noticed the tests ext/GDBM_File/t/gdbm.t and
  lib/Memoize/t/tie_gdbm.t were failing with the message:

      panic: realloc from wrong pool

  Rafael proposed a patch which reconciled the trouble due to memory
  alloc'd by libgdbm and realloc'd by perl. It was applied as change
  #26193 to bleadperl.

  * Where is "Perl_do_open"? * Stas Bekman noticed blead @ 26185 broke
  mod_perl2 after a problem to find out "Perl_do_open" function. Rafael
  Garcia-Suarez explained "Perl_do_open" now lives in mathoms.c and the
  "do_open" macro in perl.h is the way to go. Stas' issues revealed a
  bug in that "Perl_do_open" should be visible anyway unless
  "-DNO_MATHOMS" were used. Stas did it by dropping the "Perl_" prefix
  on "do_open"/"do_close".

  * Can't reset %ENV on VMS * John Malmberg noticed t/op/array.t and
  t/op/pat.t failed on VMS because the test scripts call "reset 'X'",
  and perl can not reset %ENV hash values on VMS.

  * Trouble with "for (reverse @array)" * Chris Duryee opened RT ticket
  #37725 to tell about a segfault on a script using a "for (reverse
  @array)" construction. Dave Mitchell found the bug to be due to an
  optimization error to handle this very construction and fixed the
  problem. After this, the one-liner

      perl -e '$a[3] = 1; $i = 3; for my $x (reverse @a) { $x = $i--
}; print "@a"'

  prints "0 1 2 3" instead of "1 0".

  * Sort subs can now be recursive * Robin Houston fixed perlfunc.pod
  raising the limitation that sort subs may not be recursive, thanks to
  the sort/multicall patch worked out in the last weeks.

  * Version Check Failures due to "locale" * In ticket #37714, "dakkar"
  showed how version checks can made to fail when a locale is in effect
  due to conversions of float to strings. John Peacock explained how it
  is happening in maint and blead and will do some research to make
  version comparisons independent of locales.

  * VMS Issues with "__FILE__" assuming UNIX Pathnames * John E.
  Malmberg pointed ext/List/Util/t/p_tainted.t assumes "__FILE__"
  returns a Unix pathname, which called for a fix on VMS. On John's
  question about where "__FILE__" is set, Rafael Garcia-Suarez disclosed
  the relevant points in code. There remained some uncertainty about the
  adequacy of John's fix, which should be hammered by the discussion
  among Rafael, John and Craig A. Berry.

  * "Tk" Compatibility * Gisle Aas pointed how "Tk" programs segfault
  when tried with blead and wondered when it happened. Gisle also
  reminded of changes needed to be applied for compiling and running
  "Tk" in the perl-5.8.x branch.

  * perlce Touches * Vadim Konovalov keeps on with the work on the WinCE
  port of Perl. This time, his patch touches some compilation bits and
  update explanations, renaming ./wince/README.perlce to ./README.ce.

  * perlpod.pod and "=encoding" * Yves Orton noticed perlpod.pod omits
  the new "=encoding" directive from its "currently supported directive
  list" and made it right.

  * Fast "IS_UTF8_CHAR()" for EBCDIC * A couple of weeks ago, it was
  noticed EBCDIC platforms UTF8 handling was broken, which Sadahiro
  Tomoyuki promptly fixed - the guilty part was found to be on a change
  to speedup "IS_UTF8_CHAR". This week, Jarkko Hietaniemi tried to
  redeem himself with a patch to bring the "IS_UTF8_CHAR()" speedup to
  (UTF-)EBCDIC platforms and called for feedback from people which have
  access to EBCDIC platforms.

  *char (un)signedness in Tru64* Jarkko Hietaniemi grew bored of the
  wrong guesses of Configure in Tru64 about the stdio char signedness,
  showed how funky Tru64 can be and implemented a workaround.

  *Cygwin Wrong Pools* Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes found in cygwin/cygwin.c
  the bug which caused messages like the one below in Cygwin builds and
  fixed it.

      panic: free from wrong pool at lib/lib_pm.PL line 6.

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