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podlators 2.00 released

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Russ Allbery
November 28, 2005 16:17
podlators 2.00 released
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Major new release, switching from Pod::Parser to Pod::Simple as the
underlying POD parser.  Thank you very much to Allison Randal for taking
over maintenance of Pod::Simple and doing another release!

This release requires Pod::Simple 3.03 for fully correct functionality.


has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/R/RR/RRA/podlators-2.00.tar.gz
  size: 74618 bytes
   md5: c301771734edfe20e8f0dd995173249c

Changes since previous release:

2005-11-28  Russ Allbery  <>

	* VERSION: podlators 2.00 released.

	* Makefile.PL: Require Pod::Simple 3.03.

	* t/termcap.t: Force a particular terminal configuration to get
	reliable results and update the expected results; I'm not sure
	what terminal I was testing with before.

2005-03-19  Russ Allbery  <>

	* lib/Pod/ Reorder documentation sections to put SEE ALSO
	(devise_title): Strip vendor_perl as well as site_perl, reported
	by Alexey Tourbin.

	* lib/Pod/ (new): Fall back on fullstop_space_harden if
	preserve_whitespace is not available.
	* lib/Pod/ (new): Likewise.

2004-12-31  Russ Allbery  <>

	* lib/Pod/Text/ (wrap): Count text lengths correctly when
	there are multiple adjacent escape sequences.  Use a temporary
	variable to make the regex clearer.
	* lib/Pod/Text/ (wrap): Likewise.
	* t/color.t: New file.  Test wrapping.
	* t/termcap.t: New file.  Test wrapping.

	* t/basic.t: Skip the Pod::Text::Color tests if loading the module
	failed due to a missing Term::ANSIColor.

	* scripts/pod2man.PL: Move SEE ALSO to last in the section
	ordering and move HISTORY directly after AUTHOR and before
	COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE, based on discussion on perl5-porters.
	Remove the obsolete caution against enclosing URLs in L<>.

2004-06-08  Russ Allbery  <>

	* t/basic.txt: C<> without any content now produces quote marks.
	* t/basic.cap: Likewise.
	* t/basic.clr: Likewise.
	* t/basic.ovr: Likewise.

	* t/text-errors.t: Deleted.  These errors are now caught by
	Pod::Simple instead, which is a better place to test them.

	* t/text-options.t: Add a test suite for the code option.  Undef
	the formatter after running it to make sure everything is closed

	* t/basic.t: Use the same interface for invoking all formatters,
	since they're now all based on Pod::Simple.  Undef the formatter
	after running it to make sure everything is closed correctly.
	* t/text.t: Likewise.

	* scripts/pod2man.PL: Change another documentation reference from
	Pod::Parser to Pod::Simple.

	* scripts/pod2text.PL: Add support for multiple pairs of input and
	output files, similar to pod2man.  Change documentation references
	from Pod::Parser to Pod::Simple.

	* lib/Pod/ Significantly reworked to use Pod::Simple
	instead of Pod::Parser.  With the exception of better E<> handling
	and different handling of C<> without any content, the new
	formatter produces the same output as the old one.
	* lib/Pod/Text/ Likewise.
	* lib/Pod/Text/ Likewise.
	* lib/Pod/Text/ Likewise.

	* lib/Pod/ (_handle_element_end): Correctly handle the case
	where a command handler returns only "0" as the result of a

2004-05-07  Russ Allbery  <>

	* scripts/pod2man.PL: Make the argument to the --release flag

2004-02-14  Russ Allbery  <>

	* lib/Pod/ Refer to Pod::Simple in SEE ALSO.

	* t/man.t: Destroy the parser after parsing each segment, since
	this will force Pod::Simple to flush output.  Add many new tests
	taken from the Pod::Simple work by Sean Burke and update the
	results of a few tests for the new parser.

	* t/basic.pod: Remove a variety of L<> tests involving extra
	whitespace and newlines that aren't supported by perlpodspec to
	avoid unimportant errors.
	* t/basic.cap: Update.
	* t/basic.clr: Update.
	* t/basic.ovr: Update.
	* t/basic.txt: Update.
	* t/ Update and modify for the new results from the
	Pod::Simple-based Pod::Man.

	* t/basic.t: Destroy the parser after parsing each file, since
	that will force Pod::Simple to flush output.

	* scripts/pod2man.PL: Create a new parser for each file since
	Pod::Simple parsers are not reusable.  Update documentation to
	refer to Pod::Simple rather than Pod::Parser.

	* lib/Pod/ Completely rewritten, using input from Sean
	Burke, to use Pod::Simple as the underlying parser instead of
	Pod::Parser.  Other than minor and unimportant variations, the new
	output is identical to the old except for some small bug fixes and
	better handling of E<>.

Russ Allbery (             <>

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