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Re: XS-assisted SWASHGET (esp. for t/uni/class.t speedup)

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November 25, 2005 04:43
Re: XS-assisted SWASHGET (esp. for t/uni/class.t speedup)
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Sadahiro Tomoyuki wrote:
>On Wed, 23 Nov 2005 23:06:15 +0000, Dave Mitchell <> wrote
>> On Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 05:57:34PM +0900, SADAHIRO Tomoyuki wrote:
>> > In particular, removal of save_re_context, PUSHSTACKi and POPSTACK
>> > from Perl_swash_fetch seems to save much times.
>> As far as I can see, the PUSHSTACKi is still required, since
>> Perl_swash_fetch may extend the stack, and it is called from places
>> that may not expect the stack to be extended (and thus reallocated).

First: You are my hero! Yeah!

(Btw, is the performance improvement after I rewrote t/uni/class.t or 
after? I guess afterwards it is a bit lower but this is more because 
class.t did less work (maybe calling swashget less often).

>I see.
>There is a patch below, which makes PUSHSTACKi and POPSTACK come back.
>(This patch also includes document fix. The lib/unicore/* files are
>loaded from SWASHNEW, by the sentence of < $list = do $file; >)

>> Also, I don't understand why SWASHGET remains as a perl-level function
>> that just calls the XS utf8::SWASHGET_heavy; why not just rename
>> utf8::SWASHGET_heavy to utf8::SWASHGET ?

>The argument DEBUG of utf8::SWASHGET_heavy may be unnecessary
>if people need not the "debug" information from SWASHGET
>or utf8::DEBUG subroutine is called from XS.
>(I think the debug codes in SWASHGET_heavy are quite redundant.)
>For a furthur advance, I wonder why we need call SWASHGET as a method.
>The details of swashes are not (and should not be, I think) documented,
>and SWASHGET are called only from Perl_swash_fetch and SWASHGET
>itself (recursively).
>SWASHGET may expect that all the swash objects are created by
>utf8::SWASHNEW as an only constructor, and we can know the data
>structures of the return value from utf8::SWASHNEW.
>Parhaps SWASHGET may be able to recast as a C-level function
>rather than XS. For example,

I'd like to see that implemented. Cutting out one layer of subroutine 
indirection can't hurt :)

Best wishes,


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