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Re: [perl #33948] configure checking echo

Andy Dougherty
January 28, 2005 06:22
Re: [perl #33948] configure checking echo
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On Thu, 27 Jan 2005, Stephen wrote:

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> The following message from Configure doesn't seem to make sense:
> Checking compatibility between /bin/echo.exe and builtin echo (if any)...
> /home/Stephen/perl-5.8.6/Configure: /bin/echo.exe: No such file or directory

This is a sign that Configure's gotten confused even earlier.  Could you
please re-run Configure and look near the beginning where it says
something like

    Locating common programs...
    awk is in /usr/bin/awk.
    cat is in /usr/bin/cat.
    chmod is in /usr/bin/chmod.
    comm is in /usr/bin/comm.
    cp is in /usr/bin/cp.
    echo is in /usr/bin/echo.
    expr is in /usr/bin/expr.

What does it say for echo?

At this point, Configure thinks it has found a working 'echo' program;
later on, it doesn't go back and recheck that assumption.  That's at the root
of the later confusion.

> They are not compatible!  You are probably running ksh on a non-USG system.
> I'll have to use /bin/echo.exe instead of the builtin, since Bourne shell
> doesn't
> have echo built in and we may have to run some Bourne shell scripts.  That
> means I'll have to use '\c' to suppress newlines now.  Life is ridiculous.
> Yes, it does seem ridiculous. My shell has a builtin echo, but I do not have
> a function echo in the bin. Hence, there is no compatibily problem between
> them. The logic breaks down when Configure decides to use echo.exe because I
> don't have echo.exe. I mean, Configure decides to use echo.exe instead of
> the builtin echo even if the reason they are different and therefore
> incompatible is that there is no echo.exe available. Configure should check
> to see they both exist before comparing them!

It did try to check them; the 'Loc' script apparently got confused.
I don't know why it mentions 'echo.exe' instead of a plain 'echo'.

> I am using msys

What is 'msys' ?  That might explain the '.exe' suffix.

> I am using msys and there is a file echo in /bin that calls builtin echo,
> perhaps this is confusing Configure.

Yes, that's exactly it.  Configure is assuming that the file 'echo' in /bin
is a working echo command.  Configure doesn't test it.  Again, there may confusion
due to the 'exe' suffix.  I don't know why Configure is trying that.

> perhaps this is confusing Configure. I will remove it... echo still works, I
> will try running Configure again.   That does not work. I want Configure to
> use the builtin echo, but it does not recognize it. It says:
> I don't know where 'echo' is, and my life depends on it.
> Go find a public domain implementation or fix your PATH setting!

Right.  Configure is now bailing out at the stage when it's looking for
the /bin/echo executable.  Configure assumes an 'echo' executable is
available, other than the built-in one.  That's in part because Configure
was designed for Unix-like systems, and such systems have historically
always had a /bin/echo command, though different systems have slightly
differing versions.

The problem is to figure out why Configure couldn't figure out how to
use your /bin/echo command.  I'll need to know more about whatever
'msys' is and what, exactly, you had that fooled Configure into
thinking there was a /bin/echo command.

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