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[perl #33948] configure checking echo

January 27, 2005 04:25
[perl #33948] configure checking echo
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The following message from Configure doesn't seem to make sense:

Checking compatibility between /bin/echo.exe and builtin echo (if any)...
/home/Stephen/perl-5.8.6/Configure: /bin/echo.exe: No such file or directory
They are not compatible!  You are probably running ksh on a non-USG system.
I'll have to use /bin/echo.exe instead of the builtin, since Bourne shell 
have echo built in and we may have to run some Bourne shell scripts.  That
means I'll have to use '\c' to suppress newlines now.  Life is ridiculous.

Yes, it does seem ridiculous. My shell has a builtin echo, but I do not have 
a function echo in the bin. Hence, there is no compatibily problem between 
them. The logic breaks down when Configure decides to use echo.exe because I 
don't have echo.exe. I mean, Configure decides to use echo.exe instead of 
the builtin echo even if the reason they are different and therefore 
incompatible is that there is no echo.exe available. Configure should check 
to see they both exist before comparing them!

I am attempting to figure out how to tell Configure to use the builtin echo 
from the command line.

I am using msys and there is a file echo in /bin that calls builtin echo, 
perhaps this is confusing Configure. I will remove it... echo still works, I 
will try running Configure again.   That does not work. I want Configure to 
use the builtin echo, but it does not recognize it. It says:

I don't know where 'echo' is, and my life depends on it.
Go find a public domain implementation or fix your PATH setting!

I can't figure it out, but I know that the message that I do not have a 
builtin echo is false.

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