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[PATCH] Math::BigInt v1.74, Math::BigRat v0.14, bignum v0.16

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January 1, 2005 09:59
[PATCH] Math::BigInt v1.74, Math::BigRat v0.14, bignum v0.16
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attached is a patch to sync blead to the latest Math::* release.

MD5 and SHA1 sum:

6fadace5f37e417c8d670dc23f4f94f2  patch_bigint_v1.74.txt.gz
e0128538854d9bd273aeab7ec3f80cc311c64248  patch_bigint_v1.74.txt.gz

On my system:

	All tests successful.
	u=2.66  s=0.76  cu=178.73  cs=19.88  scripts=873  tests=100191

(Ooops, I broke the 100K test barrier...)

A short overview of what has changed is noted below. This update contains an
important security fix, so upgrading is strongly recommended.

Hm, should have released my math modules yesterday, now I had to change the
year numbers all over the place :°)

Anyway, to everyone a big Thank You! for all the hard work as well as the
friendly atmosphere in Perl development in the last year. Happy New Year!

Best wishes,


Math::BigInt v1.74:

Calc : small cleanups, remove some dead wood
       shortcut for _div() with numbers of equal nr of parts (scales
        much better than before)
       inline is_zero() into _gcd() to make it slightly faster
MBI  : streamline _scale_(a|p) as to not require accuracy/precicison()
        and round_mode() unless nec.
       remove the now unnec. support for MB_NEVER_ROUND and {_f}, this
        makes all ops that call round() a tad faster (one exists is
        removed) and shrinks the codesize a bit
       streamline bneg(), inline is_zero(): makes it 1.6 times faster
       replace ref($_[0]) w/ undef when it isn't actually needed. This
        makes some ops (bsstr(), bneg etc) about 2% faster for small numbers
       restrict low-level math library names to sane chars to avoid
        exploitation of eval()
       fill_can_cache() accidentily did checks for 'or' & 'xor'
       inline fill_can_cache()
       add _register_callback() to notify subclasses of lib changes
       bgcd() is now about 10% faster
       is_positive(0) == 0, since 0 is neither positive nor negative
       (thanx Reed Wilson)
       load Exporter only if neccessary (e.g. "use Math::BigInt;" doesn't)
MBF  : add bneg() and inline is_zero() in it, making it 1.6 times faster
       replace ref($_[0]) w/ undef when it isn't actually needed. This
        makes some ops (bsstr(), bneg etc) about 2% faster for small numbers
       use _register_callback()
       bgcd()/blcm() never worked, so fix them for integers and add tests
misc : small doc cleanups
tests: lib_load.t: test for _register_callback()
       change inf_nan.t to use Test::More

Math::BigRat v0.14:

 * streamlined copy()
 * take over tests from Math::BigInt v1.74 and require it
 * inline is_zero() into bneg(), making it about 50% faster
 * more tests for bneg()
 * register callback to get notified of lib changes from Math::BigInt
 * much simpler import() logic
 * new() accepts input like new(Math::BigInt->new(123),Math::BigInt->new(7));
 * doc: as_hex(), as_bin(), add note about as_pos(), as_neg() and as_int()
 * numify() now deals with large N and D by using BigFloat (Thanx Hugo!)
 * numify() lost the sign on negative integer values (Thanx Zefram!)

bignum 0.16:

  * option "l", "a", and "p" did not work under -Mbigrat
  * little doc fixes
  * add more tests, convert some testfiles to Test::More

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