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[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.25_06

Michael G Schwern
December 26, 2004 14:29
[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.25_06
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Getting closer to a release.  This one fixes mod_perl rebuild problems by
going back to .exists files as 6.17 used.  Directory targets proved unusable
as their mod time changes every time a file is moved into it.

There is a known problem in this release with dmake.  I suspect its really
a rather old problem that is exposed by this release.  installbase.t is
expected to fail with dmake because of what appears to be a dependency
ordering problem.  Subdir modules are getting copied into blib *after* the
parent's install target has already been run.  nmake on Windows handles it
fine.  The issue appears to be running "perl Makefile.PL; make install", no
intervening make, on a module that has sub Makefile.PLs.  See for details.  dmake
users please investigate.

Finally, INSTALLBASE has been added as in "perl Makefile.PL INSTALLBASE=~".
It works like Module::Build's --install_base.  It provides a simple,
predictable alternative to PREFIX.  It hasn't been documented yet.  I want
to get 6.26 out before I do.

6.25_06  Sun Dec 26 17:21:37 EST 2004
    - Forgot to define BOOTDEP macro.
    - .exists files are back.  Directories cannot be used directly as 
      targets as their mod time changes too frequently.
    * Added INSTALLBASE as an alternative to PREFIX but haven't documented
      it yet.  I'll do that next release.

6.25_05  Wed Dec 22 07:59:02 EST 2004
    - One of the 6.25 alphas broke BSD make.  It doesn't like "- @ command".
      Fixed by adding an $(IGNORE) macro.
    - 6.25 alphas caused a Makefile to be added to the dist.  Fixed.
    - The new cd() code needed to be dependent on dmake or nmake for
      Windows.  Not Win9x vs WinNT/XP.

6.25_04  Tue Dec 21 00:53:06 EST 2004
    - 6.25_03 was always rebuilding XS modules.

6.25_03  Mon Dec 20 23:04:22 EST 2004
    - dir_target() is back.  Now each directory to be created has its own 
      target like before, but no more .exists or blibdirs.ts files.  This
      ensures that each blib directory is created as necessary and fixes
      things like SVN's perl bindings.

6.25_02  Mon Dec 20 03:31:49 EST 2004
    - Set PM_FILTER as late as possible so it can see all the earlier
      macro definitions.  Necessary for challenged make implementations
      like nmake.  Should fix Mail::SpamAssassin installs on Win32.
      [ 4545]
    - clean and realclean are now more careful about accidentally deleting
      directories instead of files.  [ 6851]
    - small fix for parallel builds, make sure pm_to_blib has run before
      we try to use stuff in blib. [ 6460]
    - MAKEFILE=foo appears to have been broken for recursive builds and
      several other things.  I think this was broken by 6.18.

6.25_01  Fri Dec 17 21:29:04 EST 2004
    * *.bak added to the default MANIFEST.SKIP.
    * META.yml will no longer be generated in the build directory.  It will
      only appear in the distdir.  This should make it easier on developers,
      they don't have to worry about checking the file in all the time.
    * Similarly, the SIGNATURE file will not be updated in the build 
      directory.  It will only be generated in the distdir.
    - A bunch of redundant Win9x and VMS code removed.
    - 'make test' on Windows no longer pre-expands its list of test files.
      This caused problems on large distributions like bioperl.  Thanks to
      Tim Bunce for suggesting the obvious fix.

6.25  Wed Dec 15 06:59:46 EST 2004
    - Build.PL was being considered like Module_pm.PL.  Build.PL is now 
      ignored.  [] [ 8809]
    - Devel::Cover cover_db/ directory now ignored by MANIFEST.SKIP

Michael G Schwern
I'll be back with your doom in just a moment.
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