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[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.22

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Michael G Schwern
November 24, 2004 18:53
[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.22
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or a CPAN near you!

Basically, I said the hell with it.  It can't be any worse than 6.21 and
at least now I'll get fresh bug reports. :)

6.22 Tue Nov 23 22:22:22 EST 2004
    - Minor glitch in Command.t test on Win32 [thanks Steve Hay]
    * Fixed MANIFEST.SKIP so it avoids all the new *.ts files.
    - Don't spuriously define pasthru arguments

6.21_03 Sat Apr 3 2004
    - Minor potential glitch in the version check logic.
    - Making Makefile rebuild logic more resistant to inconsequential
      errors when cleaning up things that are going to be rebuilt anyway.
    - Adding SCCS to the list of directories in MANIFEST.SKIP.
    * Fixing blibdirs so it doesn't rebuild every make run.
    * Using a more conservative MAX_EXEC_LEN for Win98 to allow building
      large modules like Encode. [Greg Matheson]
    * test target mangled by dmake.  Doesn't seem to like q{}.
      [Greg Matheson]
    - instmodsh now using Archive::Tar to create archives if available.
      [Slaven Rezic]
    - instmodsh now using more portable tar flags to create archives.
      [Slaven Rezic]
    - Added FAQ entry for "How do I use a module without installing it?"
      and "How do I keep from installing man pages?" [Joe Cromie]
    - Fixed finding the default MANIFEST.SKIP if its on a different volume
      [Ilya Zakharevich]
    - When building Perl, we had a chance of picking up the old installed
      xsubpp from @INC [Andreas Koenig]
    - makeaperl() now a bit more intellegent about ignoring perl libraries
      not called libperl.  [Ilya Zakharevich bleadperl@22032]
    * MacOS Classic (MacPerl) is no longer supported.  Please use
      Module::Build instead.
    * Restored pm_to_blib.ts so pm_to_blib generation will be quiessent on
      VMS. [rt 4675]
    - For simplicity, dir_target() is now a no-op.  Should not effect any
      existing uses.
    - Converted utility commands from using $(PERLRUN) to $(ABSPERLRUN).
      This allows distclean to work with SDBM_File. [rt 5616]
    - realclean was using "rm -f" instead of "rm -rf" meaning directories
      wouldn't be properly cleaned.  Caused by bleadperl@7952. [rt 5208]
    - fixpath() could undo wraplist() on VMS [rt 4955]
    - ensure ExtUtils::Command::rm_f deletes all versions of a file on VMS
      [rt 4687]
    - hint.t generating improperly named hint files on OS's where $^O
      contains a '.'.  They should be converted to underscores.  Test
      mistake, not a bug.  [rt 5365]
    - Fixed ExtUtils::Command::chmod() so it will work on directories on
      VMS. [rt 4676]
    - parse_version.t was using no_plan causing trouble on older T::Hs.
      [rt 5633]

6.21 Tue Nov 11 00:12:56 PST 2003
    - NetBSD was looking in INSTALLARCHLIB/CORE for libperl instead of 
      PERL_ARCHLIB/CORE.  Would cause problems if INSTALLARCHLIB was changed
      (ie. LIB or PREFIX used). [Jochen Eisinger]
    - Turns out a handful of modules use dir_target().  Restored a version
      for backwards compatibility.
    - Moved blibdirs target from top_targets() to its own section.  Lots of
      modules rewrite top_targets() so blibdirs wouldn't be written.

Michael G Schwern
Let me check my notes.

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