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Re: [possible PATCH] (was: Returning a typeglob from FETCH a tied hash - broken as of 5.8.1)

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Dave Mitchell
February 10, 2004 12:15
Re: [possible PATCH] (was: Returning a typeglob from FETCH a tied hash - broken as of 5.8.1)
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On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 08:47:45PM +0100, Rafael Garcia-Suarez wrote:
> Also sprach Tassilo :
> > The attached patch against blead (actually against @22297) should again
> > allow to assign a GLOB to a an element of a tied hash or array. There
> > are several ways of fixing it and I am not sure mine is the best.
> > 
> > Since a SVt_PVLV thing cannot be upgraded to hold a GV, there had to be
> > another way to squeeze the glob into the tied thingy. My patch abuses
> > the PV slot for that. Later, in Perl_magic_setpack where the STORE is
> > triggered, it checks whether the PV slot is non-NULL and whether it
> > contains a GV. The test for a proper GV had to be added since there
> > appear to be cases in which the PV slot holds an HV (and possibly other
> > things; I couldn't find out where these assignments happen). In this
> > case, there was no glob-assignment and the whole scalar can be passed as
> > is to S_magic_methcall.
> Scary. Have you tried to trace what the LvTYPE is ? Have you tried to
> add a new LvTYPE for your hacked GV/PVLV ? This would probably be
> cleaner.
> > This is not a very clean way of doing it. A more thorough approach
> > would be introducing a new type that is large enough to hold the magic
> > plus anything that was assigned. This would have required some
> > significant changes to the core so I took the other route.
> I'd not withdraw this a priori. Do not trade maintainability for thrift :)
> (I don't consider your patch to be applicable as-is.)

I think the only sane solution is to expand the PVLV structure so that
it can incorporate all the fields of a  PVGV. This is because LVs can
have an extended lifetime and may get assigned to on several occasions.
For example in the folowing:

    sub f { $_[0] = 1; $_[0] = "a"; $_[0] = *FOO }
    my %h; f($h{foo});

$_[0] is an LV, and it gets assigned to (and its set magic called) three
times. In this case, the set magic causes the current contents of
$_[0] to be copied to $f{foo}.
A similar thing happens if %h happens to be tied.

At the moment the above code fails with the same
cant-upgrade-an-LV-to-a-GV error.

By making an LV struct a superset of GV, we *can* then do the upgrade.
Of course this breaks bincompat.

"The GPL violates the U.S. Constitution, together with copyright,
antitrust and export control laws"
    -- SCO smoking crack again.

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