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[PATCH: perl@21949] document patch for VMS port on new file systems

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December 23, 2003 14:28
[PATCH: perl@21949] document patch for VMS port on new file systems
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The newish ODS-5 file system type mountable on
VMS may require certain workarounds for building
perl on VMS.  The enclosed documentation patch
was mentioned prior to the release of perl 5.8.1 but
too late to make it in:

Here it is slightly updated for the release of 5.8.3:

diff -ru perl_21949_orig/README.vms perl_21949/README.vms
--- perl_21949_orig/README.vms      2003-12-23 17:17:01.000000000 -0500
+++ perl_21949/README.vms     2003-12-23 17:21:01.000000000 -0500
@@ -107,6 +107,9 @@

+Recent versions of VMS tar on ODS-5 volumes may extract tape archive
+files with ^. escaped periods in them.  See below for further workarounds.
 =item 3  UNZIP.EXE for VMS

 A combination decompressor and archive reader/writer for *.zip files.
@@ -151,6 +154,33 @@
 DEC C, or socket libraries.  See the "Socket Support (optional)" topic
 for more details.

+=head1 Unpacking the Perl source code
+You may need to set up a foreign symbol for the unpacking utility of choice.
+If you unpack a perl source kit with a name containing multiple periods on
+an ODS-5 volume using recent versions of vmstar (e.g. V3.4 or later) you may
+need to be especially careful in unpacking the tape archive file.  Try to use
+the ODS-2 compatability qualifiers such as:
+    vmstar /extract/verbose/ods2 perl-V^.VIII^.III.tar
+    vmstar -xvof perl-5^.8^.3.tar
+If you neglected to use the /ODS2 qualifier or the -o switch then you
+could rename the source directory:
+    set security/protection=(o:rwed) perl-5^.8^.3.dir
+    rename perl-5^.8^.3.dir perl-5_8_3.dir
+Perl on VMS as of 5.8.3 does not completely handle extended file
+parse styles such as are encountered on ODS-5.  While it can be built,
+installed, and run on ODS-5 filesystems; it may encounter
+trouble with characters that are otherwise illegal on ODS-2
+volumes (notably the ^. escaped period sequence).
 =head1 Configuring the Perl build

 To configure perl (a necessary first step), issue the command
@@ -532,6 +562,12 @@
 a VAX or on Alpha versions of VMS prior to 7.2).  But MakeMaker will not
 warn you if you start out building a module too deep in a directory.

+As noted above ODS-5 escape sequences such as ^. can break the perl
+build.  Solutions include renaming files and directories as needed or
+being careful to use the -o switch or /ODS2 qualifier with latter
+versions of the vmstar utility when unpacking perl or CPAN modules
+on ODS-5 volumes.
 Be sure that the process that you use to build perl has a PGFLQ greater
 than 100000.  Be sure to have a correct local time zone to UTC offset
 defined (in seconds) in the logical name SYS$TIMEZONE_DIFFERENTIAL before
End of Patch.

(See attached file: read_2.patch)

Peter Prymmer
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