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Re: [5.8.12] Proposal for changing UNIVERSAL semantics

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Tim Bunce
November 4, 2003 07:26
Re: [5.8.12] Proposal for changing UNIVERSAL semantics
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On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 02:34:36AM -0800, Michael G Schwern wrote:
> I think you're attacking this problem from the wrong end.
> On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 12:37:49PM -0800, Michael Jacob wrote:
> > 1.) Change can()'s semantics.
> > 
> > can() returns unexpected reults if any module changed something in the UNIVERSAL:: package. This can make other modules fail, we have seen this with DBI(!)... So:
> It would seem DBI breaks because it did something to can().
> DBI::disconnect_all(/usr/local/src/CPAN/DBI-1.38/blib/lib/
> 652:        while ( my ($name, $drh) = each %DBI::installed_drh ) {
>   DB<2> n
> DBI::disconnect_all(/usr/local/src/CPAN/DBI-1.38/blib/lib/
> 653:            $drh->disconnect_all() if ref $drh;
>   DB<2> x UNIVERSAL::can($drh, "disconnect_all")
> 0  CODE(0x514e94)
>    -> &CODE(0x514e94) in ???
>   DB<3> x $drh->can('disconnect_all')
>   empty array
>   DB<4> x $drh->can('can')
> 0  CODE(0x5142b4)
>    -> &DBI::dr::can in 0
>   DB<5> b DBI::dr::can
> Subroutine DBI::dr::can not found.
> DBI appears to have overriden and busted can().

Overridden yes, but busted is a different matter:

	=item C<can>

	  $is_implemented = $h->can($method_name);

	Returns true if $method_name is implemented by the driver or a
	default method is provided by the DBI.
	It returns false where a driver hasn't implemented a method and the
	default method is provided by the DBI is just an empty stub.
	(That last sentance isn't in 1.38)

That's why $drh->can('disconnect_all') returned false above.
Also, when it returns true it returns a ref to the DBI dispatch
method and not to the underlying driver method. That's so
$code = $h->can($method_name); $code->(...); won't bypass the
important functionality provided by the dispatcher.

Note that the DBI does not alter UNIVERSAL::can, it only provides
a can() method for DBI handles.

> Running DBI with
> doesn't cause any problems, so I think adding Attribute::Handlers into the 
> mix exposed some problem with DBI's can() hacks.

Since when is it a hack? There may be a problem in the implementation,
which I'll gladly fix if indentified, but there's no hack here.

> Here's t/01basic.t run this time with -MAttribute::Handlers
>   DB<2> x $drh->can('can')
> 0  CODE(0x5417f0)
>    -> &CODE(0x5417f0) in ???
>   DB<3> x $drh->can('disconnect_all')
> 0  CODE(0x541820)
>    -> &DBI::dr::disconnect_all in 0
>   DB<4> 
> DBI.xs is doing something really funky and intercepting can() method calls.
> It also appears to have changed the expected behavior of can().  It also 
> appears to have its own method dispatcher.  At this point I'm likely to
> say that Attribute::Handlers' screwing with @UNIVERSAL::ISA simply exposed a 
> bug in DBI. 

I'm not convinced. Here's the code for can() that's embedded into the DBI

  if (*meth_name == 'c' && strEQ(meth_name,"can")) {
    char *can_meth = SvPV(st1,lna);
    SV *dbi_msv = Nullsv;
    SV  *imp_msv; /* handle implementors method (GV or CV) */

here it looks up the $h->can($can_meth) method just as it does when
it's going to call it:

    if ( (imp_msv = (SV*)gv_fetchmethod(DBIc_IMP_STASH(imp_xxh), can_meth)) ) {

if found it then looks up the same method name using the original handle
using gv_fetchmethod_autoload() just as UNIVERSAL::can does in universal.c:

	/* return DBI's CV, not the implementors CV (else we'd bypass dispatch) */
	/* and anyway, we may have hit a private method not part of the DBI     */
	GV *gv = gv_fetchmethod_autoload(SvSTASH(SvRV(orig_h)), can_meth, FALSE);
	if (gv && isGV(gv))
	    dbi_msv = (SV*)GvCV(gv);
    if (dbi_msv) {
	ST(0) = sv_2mortal(newRV(dbi_msv));

else not found so return nothing:


Returning an empty list instead of undef difers from UNIVERSAL::can so I'll
change that for the next release. But I doubt that's the issue here.

> However, what you propose addresses a the valid problem of coordinating
> AUTOLOAD overrides.  But its likely to be a really sticky thing to get just
> and thus wrong for the core.  You should put this up on CPAN as 

I'm not sure it's relevent but I'll remind people here, in case
it's been forgotten, that AUTOLOAD and methods do not mix well unless
all the method have been pre-declared. That's why modules like AutoLoader
go to such lengths to generate and load declarations for all the subs
to be autoloaded.

> >  * useing UNIVERSAL breaking DBI, autouse, Net::SSH, ...
> DBI is doing Dark Magick with can() and the method dispatcher which appears to
> be not 100% correct. Plus Attribute::Handlers is plowing *way* too much 
> stuff into the UNIVERSAL namespace.  Both will be fixed and the problem 
> should disappear.

Before I can "fix" the DBI someone needs to explain what it's doing
wrong and how that's causing the problem reported.


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