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[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.19

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Michael G Schwern
November 3, 2003 23:04
[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.19
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I made a small mistake in the tests in 6.18.  If you don't have
$Config{usevendorprefix} set a few of the INST_PREFIX.t tests would fail.
This was just a test bug, not a real bug.

While I was at it, I improved the INSTALLSITEMAN*DIR fallback so that
"perl Makefile.PL INSTALLMAN3DIR=/foo/man/man3" works like it used to
with older MakeMakers.

6.19 Mon Nov  3 22:53:56 PST 2003
    - Removed 00setup_dummy.t and zz_cleanup_dummy.t.  Tests now setup and
      teardown the dummy modules as needed.
    - Little test glitch on systems without $Config{usevendorprefix} set
      instead of copying its value.  This lets "perl Makefile.PL 
      INSTALLMAN1DIR=/some/man/man1" work like expected.

6.18 Mon Nov  3 20:09:51 PST 2003
    - parse_version() was blowing over $_ (Ilya Zakharevich)
    - 5.6.2 has the same Cygwin shared lib name fix as 5.7.0. (Gerrit Haase)
    * When $Config{install(site|vendor)man*dir} aren't set it will now
      fall back to $Config{installman*dir}.  Similar for 
      $Config{install(site|vendor)bin}.  This preserves behavior for older
    * Eliminated the dependency on perl.h for pure-perl builds.
    * Eliminated .exists files.  Added blibdirs target using MKPATH instead.
    - Removed now unused dir_target() method.
    - Added a little documentation to instmodsh.
    * Made sure PREFIX always has something in it.  Module authors like to use
      it when extending MakeMaker.  Currently using one of 
      PERL/SITE/VENDORPREFIX based on the value of INSTALLDIRS.
    * Added SIGN to generate module signatures with cpansign (Autrijus Tang)
    - Slight tweaks to MAKEFILE_OLD and MAKE_APERL_FILE restoring a mistake
      made around 6.06 to fix static builds on OS/2
    - Added ExtUtils::Command::dos2unix()
    * manicopy() would make the copied files read-only if 'cp' was used.
    * Fixed prereq check for modules which are also keywords like and (Autrijus Tang)
    - Made ExtUtils::Command mv and cp return whether or not they succeeded.
    * metafile_addtomanifest now mentions what its doing.
    * metafile will not die if it can't write to META.yml, just emit a 
      warning.  This lets 'make dist' continue with a read-only META.yml
    - Small fix to identify UWIN on NT (Randy Sims)
    * metafile will not touch the META.yml if it does not need to be changed
      (Thanks to Tim Bunce for this idea)
    * Fixed 'make uninstall' which looks like its been broken since last
      November and nobody noticed.
    - Fixing minor bug in VMS prefixification logic when PREFIX was not set
      by the user.
    - Fixing potential bug in prefixification for relative directories
    * Documented UNINST=1

Michael G Schwern
I liked the Weird Al version better.

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