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[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.18

Michael G Schwern
November 3, 2003 20:20
[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.18
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A lot of little niggling things fixed in this release.

* For OS X users, you can now install pure Perl modules without
needing to install devtools.  The dependency on perl.h has been eliminated.
(This also means no more .exists files).

* For users of perl prior to 5.8.1, man pages will now install into
$Config{installman3dir} like the used to.

* For those who extend MakeMaker, PREFIX is once again guaranteed to be
populated with something useful.

* Autrijus Tang added SIGN to allow module authors to easily sign their
distributions as part of "make dist"

* "make distdir" would sometimes result in read-only files.  This has
been fixed.

* PREREQ_PM can now handle modules like 'if' and 'open'

* META.yml generation is a bit friendlier.  It will print out that its
generating the META.yml file and modifying the Makefile.  It will only
overwrite the file if it needs to.  It won't die if the file is read-only.

* 'make uninstall' is fixed (its been broken for almost a year)

* "make install UNINST=1" has finally been documented.

6.18 Mon Nov  3 20:09:51 PST 2003
    - parse_version() was blowing over $_ (Ilya Zakharevich)
    - 5.6.2 has the same Cygwin shared lib name fix as 5.7.0. (Gerrit Haase)
    * When $Config{install(site|vendor)man*dir} aren't set it will now
      fall back to $Config{installman*dir}.  Similar for 
      $Config{install(site|vendor)bin}.  This preserves behavior for older
    * Eliminated the dependency on perl.h for pure-perl builds.
    * Eliminated .exists files.  Added blibdirs target using MKPATH instead.
    - Removed now unused dir_target() method.
    - Added a little documentation to instmodsh.
    * Made sure PREFIX always has something in it.  Module authors like to use
      it when extending MakeMaker.  Currently using one of 
      PERL/SITE/VENDORPREFIX based on the value of INSTALLDIRS.
    * Added SIGN to generate module signatures with cpansign (Autrijus Tang)
    - Slight tweaks to MAKEFILE_OLD and MAKE_APERL_FILE restoring a mistake
      made around 6.06 to fix static builds on OS/2
    - Added ExtUtils::Command::dos2unix()
    * manicopy() would make the copied files read-only if 'cp' was used.
    * Fixed prereq check for modules which are also keywords like and (Autrijus Tang)
    - Made ExtUtils::Command mv and cp return whether or not they succeeded.
    * metafile_addtomanifest now mentions what its doing.
    * metafile will not die if it can't write to META.yml, just emit a 
      warning.  This lets 'make dist' continue with a read-only META.yml
    - Small fix to identify UWIN on NT (Randy Sims)
    * metafile will not touch the META.yml if it does not need to be changed
      (Thanks to Tim Bunce for this idea)
    * Fixed 'make uninstall' which looks like its been broken since last
      November and nobody noticed.
    - Fixing minor bug in VMS prefixification logic when PREFIX was not set
      by the user.
    - Fixing potential bug in prefixification for relative directories
    * Documented UNINST=1

6.17 Sun Sep 14 20:52:45 PDT 2003
    - Fixing LD so it can be set properly on Win32. (Orton Yves)
    * Fixing the init_PERL() "tack $Config{exe_ext} onto $^X" logic so 
      it works on VMS allowing $^X to be found.
    * Fixing make install UNINST=1 on Windows so it can search PERL5LIB
      (Orton Yves)
    - Fixing "could not open MANIFEST" test for OS/2 (and probably others) 
      where a read-only file cannot be deleted.
    - Hacking around the fact that when built for debugging, VMS creates
    - Eliminating the never implemented "help" argument.

Michael G Schwern
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