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[PATCH pod/perlhack.pod] Updated pumpking information.

October 29, 2003 15:49
[PATCH pod/perlhack.pod] Updated pumpking information.
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I've updated some pumpking information. The document also mentions
Andy Dougherty and Jarkko Hietaniemi as Configure pumpkings. Is that
still current? Should Merijn be mentioned as well?


--- pod/perlhack.pod.bak        Thu Oct 30 00:38:02 2003
+++ pod/perlhack.pod    Thu Oct 30 00:46:53 2003
@@ -38,8 +38,14 @@
 responsible for gathering patches, deciding on a patch-by-patch
 feature-by-feature basis what will and will not go into the release.
 For instance, Gurusamy Sarathy was the pumpking for the 5.6 release of
-Perl, and Jarkko Hietaniemi is the pumpking for the 5.8 release, and
-Hugo van der Sanden will be the pumpking for the 5.10 release.
+Perl (up to the 5.6.1 release); Rafael Garcia-Suarez is pumpking for 5.6.2.
+Jarkko Hietaniemi was the pumpking for the 5.8.0 and 5.8.1 releases, while
+Nicholas Clark is the pumpking for 5.8.2 and further 5.8 releases.
+Hugo van der Sanden is the pumpking for the 5.10 release. After the release
+of 5.6, Perl started using odd minor numbers for development releases,
+and even minor numbers for stable releases. Hence, Jarkko Hietaniemi
+was pumpking for the releases in the 5.7 series, and Hugo van der Sanden
+is also pumpking for the 5.9 series.
 In addition, various people are pumpkings for different things.  For
 instance, Andy Dougherty and Jarkko Hietaniemi share the I<Configure> Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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