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RFC: BigInt and overloading of sin/cos

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October 25, 2003 12:21
RFC: BigInt and overloading of sin/cos
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I got a bugreport from Dennis Boylan:

	# perl -Mbigint -le 'print cos(4)'
	Operation `cos': no method found, argument in overloaded package Math::BigInt
	at -e line 1.

He reported that it works on some machine (older Perl, older BigInt, older GD 
module) but no longer on the newer one. In my tests I think it never works 
regardless of Perl or BigInt version, and it only worked for him because the 
older GD (or GD::Piechart or something) didn't use cos() or used it 

Now, there is an easy "fix", add the following lines to the overload section 
of BigInt:

	'cos'  =>      sub { cos($_[0]->numify()) },
	'sin'   =>      sub { sin($_[0]->numify()) },	

This would produce:

	# perl -Ilib -Mbigint -le 'print sin(4)'

However, to be consistent with the rest, it should really calculate:

	* an integer result if in BigInt
	* a float to arbitrary precision if in BigFloat
	* a float if under "bignum" and a BigInt is passed

However, the catch is: BigInt/BigFloat don't know about cos()/sin(). The 
module that can do this is Math::Big, not part of the core, and maybe not 
even installed. Two options:

	* include the code from Math::Big in BigInt/BigFloat (with suitable speedup
	   by putting it into
	* require Math::Big as in:

	'cos' => sub {
	  require Math::Big;
	  return Math::Big::cos($_[0], ref($_[0])->accuracy());

The latter option produces:

	# perl -Ilib -Mbigint -le 'print cos(2)'
	# perl -Ilib -Mbigint=a,50 -le 'print cos(2)'

Of course, that is not "right", because BigInt should return a truncated int() 
as it does for sqrt() etc, and BigFloat should return the full result, and if 
under bignum, BigInt should upgrade.

However, the critical question is:

Should BigInt duplicate/take ransom the code from Math::Big? Or should it 
simple "require Math::Big" (with suitable error message if not found)?

Of course, this also poses the question of tan(), arctan(), and all the other 
nastity stuff, along of the question of pi(), euler() etc. Ugh. Math::Big is 
certainly not small (no pun intended).

Best wishes,


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